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Words Hurt

Mean people make me mad. They just don’t think of others. My middle son is the cutest boy ever. Everyone who meets him falls in love. Not only is he cute, he is also smart, really good at sports and best of all, thinks of other people before himself.

School let out about 3 weeks ago. He just finished Kindergarten. Tonight he started crying as we were tucking the boys in after prayers. When I asked him what was wrong he said his “face looks stupid”. Now, he is still working on some speech sounds so I sometimes have to repeat what he says to make sure I heard correctly. When I repeated it he said, sure enough, that was what he said. Can you imagine what I was thinking?! We got to talk about how he resembles Jeff and me. We also got to talk about how God made him – every inch of him including his face. We also got to talk about how he was the cutest kindergarten boy I have ever met. Then we talked about the other boy and reasons why he might have said that. I think all this helped. I can’t help but wonder what else is in his thoughts that he has not shared yet because, like I said, school let out 3 weeks ago and I have no idea when this happened. It isn’t like we never talk. If you all have any suggestions on how to pull thoughts out of my boys (all of them… except my husband, he has learned how to do it. Maybe in 12 years the boys will learn too) feel free to let me know.

If only I knew how to post a photo. You’d see how handsome and full of love Evan is and you’d want to slap this boy too. Here you go, Jeff figured it out!


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works for me wednesday

I really started this blog to participate with shannon over at “rocks in my dryer”. Wednesday is a day where you get loads of tips from other women (and men) about what makes their life work. check it out at http://www.rocksinmydryer,typepad.com

anyway, here is my works for me… with three boys we seem to have a ton of pajamas. to keep the pjs together and matching, I fold the bottoms and then wrap the top around them. once the arms are folded around, there is not an easy way for the boys to seperate the two when pulling the pj’s off the shelf when getting ready for bed.

Because i have no idea what I am doing, there are no photos or links. Hope this all makes sense because it really is nice to have a straightened up pj drawer or shelf.

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Connor, my oldest had a friend come over to play today. we picked him up and were driving home and they started talking about kindergarten since they were in the same class.

Connor: Did you hear Mrs. H is going to teach first grade next year?

Friend: Oh, man, I’m going to be really bad this year so I can be held back in case she starts teaching second.

Connor:  Yeah

Friend:  I’m going to be bad till I turn 15 just in case she isn’t teaching second grade soon.

This is coming from a boy who is at the top of his class.  I can see why they feel this way. She is the beat teacher around!! The good thing, as of right now, my middle son will have her this coming year. Yeah!!

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THis house has been full of excitement since school let out a couple weeks ago.  I couldn’t wait to have the boys all to myself.  We have big plans this summer, none of which are in writing.  The first week we stayed busy with swimming, a huge wooden slide, walks in the creek and other fun stuff.  THe boys had such fun it was hard getting my oldest to go to cub scout camp.  He thought he’d miss something.  I asured him that we would not do anything without him so he finally agreed.  Well, the first day he got home and found out we had a friend over for my middle son, he put his hand on his hip and said, “I thought you said you would jsut be waiting for me to come home!”  I did not realize he would take it literally.  DId he really think we would be waiting at the window from 8:30 till 3 every day?  What a wonderful kid!!

we started our first day of karate today.  the two older boys were invited to our neighbors church where a karate instructor comes from 9 to noon.  The little one and I stayed to watch and I had to wonder what my boys would get this week.  as we watched, the oldest daydreamed, wandered and putzed around when the instructor was talking.  the middle child was at attention and grasped every word.  my little one watched and tried to imitate everything he saw.

when hubs got home, the guys showed him all the moves they learned.  To my great surprise, oldest showed him EVERYTHING!!  $75 did not just fly out the window!!

More later

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So, I tried to set up a blog a couple times and could never figure it out. (should I admit these things???)  Anyway, Everyday Mommy gave me a tip to use word press so we will see…  Will write more if I can get back here tomorrow.  I think i have 3 blogs set up with nothing on them because i can never get back to them.  Ugh, what a tough life, huh? 🙂

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