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I Have Issues…

…with trust.  I always knew I did.  I have trouble making friends because I have trouble opening up to people.  I am a surface only girl… till you meet my husband and he tells you all about me.  I think that is how I made most of my friends since we married.  He makes friends first then I meet the wives.  He tests the trust for me.  If I see they are “trustworthy” I open up a little more, even though it is hard for me.
This week I am understanding more and more why I have my issue.  I have some things going on that I need surgery for.  Nothing serious, nothing time consuming, nothing Jeff and I can’t talk through and make decisions about ourselves… but, it is an outpatient thing and with three boys, I do need someone to watch them during the surgery since Jeff will be with me and also the next day because I will still be unable to watch them.

So, when we went to the beach with my family this summer, I asked mom and dad if they would come down to help.  “Of course we will!” was the response so I thought, great.

Now they can’t.  Grandma wasn’t doing too well.  she kept thinking she was going to die.  Mom was very emotional and said she couldn’t make it.  I understood.  Now she says she got grandma through it and all is fine for the moment but nothing about coming down. I emailed everyone and said things are covered because I just didn’t want to be a burden.  Jeff has his parents helping, they are so wonderful.  They are even rescheduling a closing of a house they really want to sell to do it.  My parents are wonderful too, don’t get me wrong but it’s weird right now.  Jeff’s mad at the whole thing.  I feel strange.  Anyway, then my sister came into Jeff;s work and said to call her if we needed help.  I ended up emailing her without Jeff knowing because the doctors said I should have someone with ME (not just the boys) on Saturday and he works.  I asked her if she would be willing to come up.  She can’t, she’s working at a fair.  All good excuses but still, I opened up and admitted I needed help.  That is really hard for me.  I know they love me but still, funny feelings are inside me.

Jeff was going to try to take off work Saturday to be with me.  Very cool, but I thought about it and told him I will enjoy knowing the boys are safe with his family and I will rent some movies and sleep and watch movies all moring till he gets home.  Nice, huh.  Have I told you my husband is the greatest?!!

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idea from tour of homes

on some of my mom sites there is a “tour of homes” hosted by boomama.  I don’t know how to link it so if you go to the works for me Wednesday site you can go from there (while you are there, check out her dog.  IT looks EXACTLY like Carly!!)  Anyway, on one site, because they all post photos of their homes, I saw one lady made slip covers for her couches.  It is tempting to try (unless Jeff is reading this, then I am only kidding).  The only thing is, her slip covers are the only homemade ones I have seen that look tight enough not to look like a slip cover.

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Well, I seem to have more time on my hands after Jeff got the boys the X box Star wars game.  Their main goal for the last two days is to get enough money to buy General Grievous (sp?).  They like for me to watch but my eyes can only take so much.  Garrett likes to lie on my stomach (dee dee) and we watch.  As long as they play as a team I let them play.  That is, unless hours go by and I start to miss them.  I did get to clean the house up yesterday.  That felt good.

We went to Hershey park the other day.  Jeff took off and we met my sister and her twins.  Fun place, lots of great rides but the food was yucky and expensive and the town was dirty and not too impressive.  We are planning on going once a year with the boys though because the park was so much fun.  It will only get better as the boys get older.  Anyone visiting in the warm months is welcome to join us… if you like roller coasters and water rides.  No wimps allowed 🙂

My surgery is scheduled for next Friday.  I went in for my blood work and stuff the other day.  The boys went with me because I wanted them to watch me get a needle.  I can’t remember if this is a year for any of them to get shots so just in case, I thought that would be wise.  It turns out my mom and dad won’t be able to come down to help when I go in.  It makes me a little sad but there is nothing I can do and my mom already feels bad enough.  Grandma isn’t doing well and it takes mom all she has to get grandma through the day.  It has been worse because on older lady at the home just died so now grandma says it is her turn next since she is now the oldest.  Mom has been taking her around the home to show her there are plenty of people older.  I can just see them going through the home looking at all the old folks and talking about it because, like me, my mom and grandma can’t whisper.  It may make grandma feel better but I wonder what the people they point out think when they have to hear something on the  lines of, “See, she/he is older than you”  It makes me giggle.

So, Jeff is taking off work to drive me and his folks are going to watch the boys.  It is so nice for all of them to be so willing.  HOpefully recovery will be quick because I want to go to Pittsburgh, the Baltimore Zoo and we also have some play dates planned.  School is approaching quickly, boohoo!!

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works for me wednesday – free activities

Our little town gets two town newspapers each week as well as the big daily paper. Inside there is always a listing of what is going on around town and even in the next town over. Often, these things are free. When the papers come I search each one to find fun stuff to do. Even if it is something I don’t know if my boys would be interested in, I pencil it in on the calendar along with the contact phone number, times and place. Some days (usually Saturdays) there are two things, FREE, on our calendar. When the days come, we look on our calendar and if we feel like doing it we hop in the car and go. We have made pottery, gone to bounce houses, seen concerts, watched movies and much more (at no cost)all because I took 10 minutes with each paper and our calendar.

Have fun and don’t forget to pop over to Rocksinmydryer to read more great tips.

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Site Meter

My friend (tho only one who reads this blog) is impressed with my site meter.  I had mentioned it must all be from her and when it jumped so quickly now I know, it is indeed a combination from her and works for me Wednesday.  Mel, if you haven’t checked out Shannon’s blog (link somewhere below because as you know, I have no idea how to do that) Wednesday is an amusing day because you get tips about everything from cooking to cleaning and everything in between.  THAT is where all this traffic is from.  Thanks for being impressed that people love me but you and they are the only ones who know about this blog.  And, really, unless you know my boys, Jeff and me this is a very uninteresting place to visit.

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works for me wednesday

before I give a tip, I’ve got to thank whoever wrote about putting wet cell phones in the fridge. The day of vacation my cell phone dropped in the toilet, again. I tried holding it out the window to dry it out but no luck. when we got to vacation, I put it in the fridge for a few hours and wa la, good as new. I wish I had known that when it happened to my good picture phone.

Anyway, my tip is about medical insurance. I use a three ring binder and have a seperate sheet for each family member. Every time we have a medical appointment, I write it on that person’s sheet as well as how much co pay i paid. If we get perscriptions, that goes on the list too. When the insurance comes in, I double check each one to make sure we are not being over charged. Our old insurance made many mistakes. Care first/blue cross/shield has not made any mistakes though sometimes they miss one and end up sending us something two years later. If it wasn’t for this binder, I would have no idea if, two years later, they were right or wrong.

read other tips at Shannon’s site… http://www.rocksinmydryer.typepad.com

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Hot, Hot, Hot

It is so hot out.  We had tennis lessons this morning, they even let Garrett (3) hit a few.  Our plans were to go to the lake and stay cool but when we got home and packed our picnic lunch the boys wanted to finish their new show “Fosters Home…” and by the time that was over our doorbell had rung.  That doorbell usually changes all plans.  Today it was the two boys from next door.  There are times when I am sorry my house is not the cleanest or the most organized as others but then I think that 7 1/2 years have passed already and soon my boys won’t want me around as much.  When that happens, my house will look great.  I’ll just dust the furniture with my tears from missing my boys, hehe.

It’s fun to be the house where kids come.  It’s not like we have a ton of stuff.  Well, we do and we have popsicles.  i think it is the popsicles but it could be because i play with the boys.  Some times I jsut watch but a lot of the times the boys want me to join in.  I’m not one of those parents who wants to be their childrens friend before being their parent but I do love a fun time with them.  Whatever the reason, I hope to always be called the daycare house of the neighborhood.  It may be free but I know what my children are doing and who they are doing it with.  I’d say that was better than money any day.

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