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My Happy Husband

It’s great to see Jeff happy.  Tonight we went to a going away party for him.  He has only been at this branch for 4 months and it was neat to see how close you can get in that short period of time.  The last manager was there for years and years and I do not think they did anything for her.  That’s sad but it just shows you how Jeff can take any group of people and show them how to work together and care about what happens.  I got to sit back and watch him laugh and visit with his co workers.  It was so good to see him relax and enjoy himself.  I’ve been seeing more and more of that lately and it is wonderful.  Now, if only we can find a group to call church…

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Our wonderful friends Jeremiah and Melissa woke up early and came to our home at an early hour (was it 5:30 or 6?) to watch our boys, then 4 and 3 years old. Jeff took me to the hospital for our first Cesarean birth. I did not really know what to expect because I have never had surgery in my life so I was a little nervous. We checked in the hospital and everyone was so kind. They really knew what they were doing so when they started giving me choices (do you want the catheter now or when you get in surgery?) I just said “whatever you think is best” and meant it. Those of you who know me know that I am not good with choices so if people responsible are competent, I am all theirs.

We get into surgery and it was an eye opener. It was cold and the cot I was laying on was so skinny I felt like if I moved I would fall off the side (though I am not skinny I’m not obese either so I am sure I was fine) so I tried not to move so much. Jeff was in charge of taking video, the nurse put music on (again asking me what I wanted to listen to. Are you kidding me, I want to hear the doctors favorite CD because if she’s happy as she is cutting me open and taking care of my newborn and my insides then I am happy!) and everyone was in their places. We were all just talking and having a nice time when I felt a little discomfort. I asked if they started cutting and they all snickered saying they were almost done. I had no idea that they pulled some of my insides out onto my stomach but that is what I was feeling. Jeff was taking some video but he was only taking the tops of the doctors heads. He asked if I wanted to see the cutting etc. um, yeah, that is what I was hoping for. I think he said it was hurting his arms holding it up so high. Correct me if I am wrong, wonderful husband.
Anyway, when they pulled Garrett out he was crying and crying. Jeff tried to sooth him but it wasn’t working. This was our only c-section AND the only child with a slight case of colic. I still think somehow the two are related. To this day, he is the only one who wakes up crabby or in need of some alone time before he is ready to start the day (well, Jeff needs his coffee and morning routine, maybe it is like father like son)

Mel and Miah brought the boys to the hospital and Jeff and Miah started taking photos for the website. We had such a beautiful room and the service was like a bed and breakfast. The boys got Popsicles every time they came to visit and we had a snack drawer and a refrigerator full of food and drinks. Since the boys are such picky eaters Jeff still had to pack a picnic lunch for them but I could order room service any time I was hungry and my guests could be with me whenever I wanted. One night, Melissa and Jackie came with a movie and we all, including Garrett, watched how to lose a guy in 10 days. The nurses came in and laughed that the two of them were lounging on the bed and Garrett and I were on the glider. Jeff brought the boys to visit every day, sometimes twice a day. It was such a great time!! The only problem was when they had to leave, Connor was sad. He wanted to stay with his mama. We were afraid that is what Evan wold feel like but he didn’t care in the least.

Now, Garrett still does not wake up ready to start the day. We need to give him a little bit of time before we talk or play with him but once he is ready, look out. He is constantly on the go and ready to do whatever it takes to play with the big guys. He talks non stop and eats like the next meal is not coming. He’ll win you over in the first 5 minutes of meeting him and he is no longer the best 2 year old I know. Today, he is the best 3 year old I know!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARRETT.

Garrett after riding a zip line

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Decisions, decisions

We have known some great people who have trouble conceiving.  I don’t want this post to sound selfish or anything other than getting my thoughts out.

I had a doctors appointment today. A couple weeks ago was my regular exam and I mentioned I was bleeding between periods. He said I may want to come in for a hystroscopy where they would stick a scope with a camera into my uterus to see if there are any polyps or other things that shouldn’t be there. Without thinking of the pain I agreed and that was what we did today.

It hurt. Probably because it took three (at least) tries to get that camera in my uterus. I knew I was in for trouble when I saw those cloth things they use under your bed when you just deliver a baby. That was my first question, “Are you expecting me to bleed this much?” They said it was for the saline they were putting in me to open something up. i forget. anyway, they found a polyp and something else. I have the name upstairs. Nothing life threatening. Just a big decision.

He said he recommends me to at least have the pollup out. He also thinks I should get the other things out too. The way they do that is to burn the lining of the uterous. The good news is there is a 60% chance I would never have a period again. The bad news is I would never be able to carry another child. Because the lining would be burnt off, there would be no place to hold onto. Because of this, I would also have to get my tubes tied.

Not sure what to do. Jeff asked if I wasn’t happy with our three boys. He knows I am. I am way more than happy with them. But, maybe I would be happy with 4 boys or three boys and a girl or 5 boys, you get what I am saying. I know we decided last year that he would get a vasectomy. we never did it. He was on his way in and his doctor called to cancel. I started having doubts. Hmmm, what to do, what to do. My deliveries themselves are not very easy. If I did get pregnant again I would be concerned with that since I have to have c sections now. But, I am sure there are competent doctors around who can take care of my crazy deliveries. Either that or I’ll go back to NH to my “bed and breakfast” hospital.

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Special Thanks

Special thanks to my wonderful husband who was playing around with this blog tonight.  He likes to do the “fancy stuff” so I told him to do whatever he wanted.  So, now there is a new look and he also did the photo of Evan and link stuff.  I still can only write posts so the rest is all him.  Thanks, husband!

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Shannon over at http://www.rocksinmydryer.typepad.com is still posting tips that “work for me”. She has quite a following and there are tons of great ideas so check it out.

Mine is easy this week. Some of you probably do it already but with so many tips written about organization, i thought it might be worth mentioning. We get a ton of junk mail and it seems a lot of it is applications for credit cards. Being the worry wart I am, I moved our shredder upstairs and put it behind the trash can. Now, when any mail with sensitive material comes into the house, it goes straight to the shredder.

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Selfless people amaze me. Bryant L. Davis is one of those people. He joined the Navy to give us our freedom that we know and love. Little did he know his life would be cut short as he was serving on board USS Kitty Hawk. As I researched, I learned Navy Machinist’s Mate Fireman Apprentice Bryant L. Davis, 20, of Chicago Illinois fell overboard from the USS Kitty Hawk on November 7 into the Arabian Sea. Search and rescue efforts continued for more than two days. He was declared deceased on November 10, 2001. As I researched a little further, I read a note from retired shipmate R. Beck MMCM (SW) USN RET. . It states, “I served on the Kitty from 81-91, as a MM. It takes a lot of work and no sleep to keep those old grey beasts going, good on ya Bryant, and you will never be forgotten for the ultimate sacrifice you gave to your country and your family left behind. Fair winds and following seas shipmate “Press on”.”

As I spend today with my family in my comfortable home feeling overwhelmed with emotion for these men and women who serve, I’m thankful for this brave man. Thank you for working hard to allow us to continue life as we know it. I also thank his family and friends for supporting him in his decisions and beliefs.


If you would like to participate in REMEMBERING THEM BY NAME, please contact the ladies at http://www.some-gave-all.com

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We started celebrating early. Our youngest will be three this Friday but Friday we are leaving for the beach so we had to have a party today. Jeff’s parents, his aunt, his brother, his brother’s girlfriend and my sister Ruth and her boys came over to celebrate Garrett’s life. He is the one who will melt your heart and will smile his special smile, especially if you are holding a camera. He is also the one who will hide behind his mamma’s legs when he is not ready to visit with someone. He loves play-dough, magnet-ix, bubbles, light sabers (especially the double ended red one of Darth Maul’s) and swimming pools (if mom is holding him). He is the one who, when he is uncomfortable, will ask for mom’s dee dee (my stomach). It’s his comfort. He likes to lay his head on my belly at night while putting his finger in my belly button (am I giving too much information?). He is the one who will laugh and play when Jeff plays wild games with the boys and he’ll also do his very best to keep up with his older brothers. When asked how old he is, he’ll tell you “this many” and hold up 5 or 6 fingers, depending on the day. He wants to be just like his best friends, Connor and Evan. It’s hard keeping up with a 6 and 7 year old!

Happy third birthday, Garrett. We love you so much!!

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