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Goodbye Friends

Dear Friends,

This is not easy for me to say but we need to part our ways.  I know we have been friends for a long time but these last three weeks have been too much.  It’s hard to have you around because you don’t take no for an answer.  My husband is not enjoying you much either.  I’m sorry to say this, because I know other people have asked you to leave too, but, I need some space away from you.  Our “all or nothing” relationship has been very hard on me.

So, chocolate and chips, I am saying goodbye.  Because I can’t say no to you after one (or even a couple) bites, I need you to get out.  Maybe one day we can meet again, briefly.  But for now, I have others to keep me company.  Fruit, veggies and grilled chicken, welcome to the family.  Come and stay as long as you can.  Please don’t be offended if I’m not always happy to see you.  I really am excited to get to know you better.  While you are visiting, can you do something with these 15 pounds?

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Well, the day arrived no matter how I tried to stop it.  Connor is now a second grader and Evan stepped into first grade.  Garrett and I arrived home after dropping them off at the bus stop.  There were no tears coming down my face but I was tearing up once they left.  I know to put on a good front.  I did learn something those few years I taught school.  It is just different when the shoe is on the other foot.  The first year Connor went to kindergarten I wrote (I think I followed through with it) a mom whose son had so much trouble going to kindergarten I had to drag him kindly from his mom.  I never thought of how she felt and I wanted her to know although I didn’t think about her too much I totally was committed to her son Sam and loved him totally as he was adjusting to being away from mom.  I prayed to have kind teachers for my boys and you know that totally happened with their kindergarten teacher.  Let’s pray the same this year!

Boys, I miss you!  See you at the bus stop.  I’ll be there early.  You’ll know who I am, I’ll be the one with the big smile on my face waving to you as you pull up.

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Dress Up

Remember a couple posts back I mentioned my boys, who wore batman and the like at least 3 times a week, don’t dress up anymore?  Well, Evan got a Darth Vader costume for his birthday and Connor has worn it twice since Friday.  Yep, that was my problem, batman and the super heroes are out, Star Wars is in.

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Just checking

to see if comments are on or off.

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Happy Birthday, 6 year old!!

Wow, Evan, I just can’t believe it. SIX YEARS OLD!!! It seems like just yesterday you were still in my tummy. I’ll never forget grandma flew up to NH in the morning and we were sure we’d meet you by the next day. That evening, after Connor was in bed, daddy drove me to the hospital. They checked everything and gave me juice and had me walk around the halls because you were not quite ready to come out. About an hour later they sent us home saying it just was not time yet. The nurse told us to get some sleep. Like I could even if I wanted to! So, we drove home and went to sleep, well, dad got a little sleep but had to wake up when I whispered I thought it was now time. We hopped back in the car and I felt every little bump. It was so late at night and the bumps were hurting so bad so Daddy tried to drive slowly and avoid all the potholes. On the way, daddy took real good care of us. He had to pull over a couple times so I could throw up out the door. I was thinking it was something I ate but when we got to the hospital the nurse said that was great, it’ll count as 10 pushes when we get to that point.

She got us settled in the bed right away and Dr. Goldner came in and started setting things up. He said he was going to break my water while he was getting things together and I warned him if he did that then you were coming so he’d better give me medicine and be sure he was ready before he did anything. We had Connor in less than 3 hours so I knew you would be faster. He didn’t listen and broke it anyway. That was his mistake because I started pushing while he hollered at the nurses to get him more light and all kinds of other orders. Daddy was right by my side feeding me ice and holding my leg. He couldn’t wait to meet you either. Once you came out, in record time, the nurses took care of you while the Dr tried to fix me up. Just like the last delivery, there was a lot of tearing. Eventually I was done and I noticed they were still messing with your foot. Daddy said they wanted to give you a few sips of formula because some count in your blood was low. I can’t remember, but I did write it in your baby book. We said yes because they kept poking your foot with needles and we just wanted them to stop!! It worked.

The next morning Connor came with grandma to visit us. As soon as he walked in the door and saw you in bed with me, Connor ran over, jumped in the bed and gave you a kiss on the head. That was the beginning of your first best friendship.

Through the years it has been a pleasure watching you grow. Everything you do you do to the best of your ability. You are a natural with every sport you have ever tried from tennis to baseball to soccer.  You make good friends quickly because you are quiet but kind and when you make a friend it is for keeps and it shows.  You went from reading a couple words to reading a level 13 all in your first year of schooling!  You may look like me and my side of the family but there is a lot of daddy in you too.  You love to play games, board games, computer games or games on tv.  You don’t care which as long as you are playing.  You are very thoughtful of others.  For your birthday you wanted a cheese shirt (from the tv show fosters home for imaginary friends) and another bar stool for our island so you and your brothers could all sit up there and eat together.

I can’t wait to see what this year brings us.  Evan, whatever it brings, I am proud to be your mom.  Oh, and you know what?  You’re the best SIX YEAR OLD I know.

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If someones love language is acts of service, when you ask how they are doing and they say they are tired of cleaning, if you offer to help, it’ld be the boost of adrenaline that person would need to finish the jobs left on the to do list.

I’m just sayin’

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100 things about me

1. I married the most wonderful man.

2. We (re)found (I know that is not a word) Jesus together.

3. I knew we would marry when we were on our first date.

4. I’ve lived in PA, MD, VA and NH.

5. I was sure I would have girls because I have 3 sisters and no brothers.

6. Instead, I have 3 of the best boys ever!

7. I’m thankful my husband is such a great provider.

8. I love being a stay at home mom.

9. I get my “teacher fill” when I volunteer in their classrooms.

10. I have trouble making friends.

11. I don’t like to share personal stuff with many people.

12. I’ve shared more stuff through this blog than I ever would if I was talking to you.

13. I think I am shy.

14. My husband laughs at that one since I will talk to any stranger you put in my path.

15. But, if I’ll ever see you again or you want to get to know me better, I’ll clam up.

16. I’d like to be a lot like my mom when I get older.

17. My favorite food is Italian.

18. I can’t tell you any of my other favorite things because 10 minutes later those favorites will change.

19. I like to read blogs of other moms.

20. I can count on one hand the number of people I call a friend over an acquaintance.

21. None of those people live in the state I do.

22. One day soon I will find another girlfriend and she will live close to me.

23. My husband is my best friend.

24. I try not to pass my fears onto my boys so I have touched bugs I never thought I would touch and have done things I never thought possible.

25. I am proud of my family.

26. I like to scrapbook.

27. Due to health reasons, we will not be having any more children.

28. That still makes me sad at times.

29. I miss our dog, Carly.

30. I’d like to lose 15 pounds.

31. I love to eat and can’t eat just one of anything.

32. My favorite thing to do is anything with the whole family… hiking, bike rides, etc.

33. I like that the playground is open.

34. I like to plan and pack for trips we take.

35. I like any vacation with my family.

36. I’m a good cook

37. If my hair gets too long I get headaches every day because it’s so thick.

38. I like staying up late because I can do whatever I want.

39. I like staying up during the day because I can spend time with my boys.

40. My oldest likes talking serious business at bed time so I like saying with him for awhile so I can hear what is on his heart.

41. It’s hard for me to watch my boys get the raw end of the stick but I watch to see how they handle it and we talk about it in private.

42. I think my boys are the most wonderful children on the planets, including Pluto.

43. I like http://www.allrecipes.com and taste of home.

44. My husband learns things about me through my blog.

45. I don’t like to exercise but do like Curves and an elliptical.

46. I have a hard time making decisions.

47. I like to laugh… sometimes at people.

48. I have a hard time saying no.

49. I like to paint and do other projects around the house.

50. If I ask someone to do something and they say yes, I want it done right then.

51. I can’t do the monkey bars yet but I practice when no one is looking and I can now make it to two or three rungs.

52. I love watching HGTV

53. If I’m flipping through and it’s on, I watch the real world on MTV.

54. I want to read more but I can’t fold laundry and read like I can fold laundry and watch tv.

55. I like being frugal.

56. I think it is part of my job to have anything my husband needs when he needs it. Anything from lightbulbs and batteries to razors and deodorant.

57. I love it when my husband sings to the songs on the radio.

58. I love watching my sons act out Star Wars as they watch it on TV.

I’ll have to do this later. My brain hurts.

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