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The Best Compliment

I don’t know about your children but mine love to get messy. It doesn’t matter if it happens when they are eating or playing or even resting, if there is something to get on themselves, they will. I was talking to a guy at church who my husband and I are just getting to know. He was confused which boys were ours. I pointed them out and, since their shirts showed the ice cream they were eating, I mentioned how he could usually pick them out by the mess. Now, we have been going to this church for about a year and a half or more and this guy has been around our children, just not knowing them by name, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when, after I said that, he said, “and kind, and loving, and polite, and good character, and ___” I can’t remember exactly what he said but I know he listed at least 5-6 traits we pray for our children each day. It was wonderful. Thank you Andrew, for making my day with your comment about our boys!! Thank you boys for showing others how wonderful you are when mom and dad are around and even when we aren’t!! We are proud of all three of you!

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Garrett’s First Day

Garrett started preschool for 3 year olds today.  It was a tough decision but after much thought and prayer, we decided to do it.  It is only one to two days a week and Garrett kept saying he wanted to go to school.  I plan on doing my volunteer work when he is in school.

We woke up and got all the boys dressed and ready for school.  We took the big guys to the bus stop and moseyed on back to the house.  Garrett ate breakfast and then it was time to leave.  I felt a little rushed, even though I gave us plenty of time to get ready, because he wanted to play in the van before we drove away.  I did not leave enough time for that since it could be up to 30 minutes or more.
SO,  we got to school at 9 and no one was there.  I thought maybe I was late so I popped my head in and asked if i was in the wrong place.  It was the right place but the wrong time.  We were 30 minutes early.  We decided to walk a block in town to watch the water fountain and play checkers at the tables.  It was probably the best 25 minutes we had in a long time.  He was nervous when we started the ride to school but after time with mom, playing checkers with pebbles, everything settled down and we were ready for fun.

We got there at 9:30 and we were still the first one there.  The parents were invited to stay the first day so the children and parents went in and found their name (not many 3 year olds can recognize their name) put it in the “I am here” graph and went to play at centers.  Surprisingly, Garrett enjoyed the magnet station and the rice table.  He visited the puzzle table but did not roam the room like I thought he would do.  Then, they went up for circle time and listened to Mrs. K for a few minutes while she talked  about circle time and sitting criss cross (you should have seen Garrett try to sit criss cross)  then reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  She not only read the book but she had felt board characters too.  The students were suppose to call out the color and name of the animal.  Garrett loved it.  I saw his happy smile a couple times.  It was cool.
Then they had snack, the teacher talked to us and then we were all dismissed.
Today, it was not so bad because i was there.  Next Friday I won’t be in the room but I will be in the next room because they are having a reception for the parents so they can meet each other, and then Monday (or are we off school Monday?) he’s on his own.

Yep, they’re growing up!

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September’s 30 Day Challenge

There is a challenge going on around this blog world to make September the month to buy nothing extra or unnecessary. Our family is taking the challenge, not to the extreme of this family but the challenge nonetheless.  We are off to a great start though we have made some questionable purchases.  We went to visit my sister Saturday and we went to the Lego store so the boys could buy the characters they have been wanting.  We used the money from Grandma and Poppy but, yes, some say we strayed that day.  Then there was the Labor Day picnic with Jeff’s work friends.  BUT, I know we are doing something right because the other day when Connor was asking about something I was able to say, “Nope, it’s September.”  I think this is going to be his least favorite month for the rest of his life but he did understand, “ugh, is September almost over?”  We do need to talk more about why we are doing it.  I wish I saved the person whose idea this was.  I think it was to show us how people in other countries live.

Anyway, I like that the boys are thinking aobut things as needs or wants.  That is a good enough reason for me.

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You think you’re old?

Connor got braces today!!  I can’t believe he is old enough for braces.  How does this happen?!  Jeff, your job is to post a photo.

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Moms for modesty

Mom’s with children, especially girls, you’ve got to go here to see what is going on…
Everyday Mommy

Jules is hosting an interesting discussion on modesty and how manfactures are making clothing totally inappropriate for our young (even toddler) girls. It is very interesting, especiallly some of the comments about the third bullet. Shannon is now getting in on the conversation. Interesting stuff.

“Many retailers, marketing and PR firms review mommy blogs for trends and opinions. If we speak as one we may be able to effect change. Please let your blogging friends know and if you normally don’t leave a comment, please leave one now.

Moms for Modesty Mission Statement

  • As a Mom for Modesty I believe in common-sense modesty for girls and young women.
  • I believe in refraining from sexualizing our girls and young women.
  • I believe that it is unwise and unfair to taunt boys and young men by permitting my daughter(s) to dress in an immodest manner.
  • I believe that true beauty comes from within and I strive to teach my daughter(s) this truth.
  • I will loyally shop at retailers that provide girls’ and young womens clothing that is modest, affordable and stylish.”

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Labor day fun

We had a great long weekend. Saturday, Jeff invited a couple of his friends from work up for a cookout. We had a great time but learned Martha Stuart’s Rasmopolitan’s are too good. We met a co worker who started teaching the boys how to do cartwheels on the trampoline, one who would bounce them so high they can’t wait for him to come back and one who bought sand toys for all of them. The one was commenting on our boys. He was watching and observing for some time then blurted out that he thought Garrett would be the first married soon after college (or did he say high school!) Evan next then Connor. He was very observant and also very nice. I can see how he is a good friend of my husband. Too bad he is moving to Cali at the end of the month.

On Sunday, the boys and I gave Jeff a day to relax (he commutes two hours or more a day for 5 weeks) so we went to my sisters house. THey love it there because those cousins have so many different toys and a fun outside and TiVo that my sister tapes all the episodes she thinks my sons haven’t watched. That gives us time to play with them, do different things on my sister’s to do list and visit all in a few hours.

Monday, we went to Jeff’s mom and dad’s home. They had a great cookout. We got to visit with Jeff’s Aunt who must be at the age where you start looking back on your life because for the past two visits she is reminiscing on her past events and becoming more involved with the family instead of thinking of herself first. It is really nice getting to know her better after 12 years of being in the family.

When we got home I took the boys outside so Jeff could do some schoolwork and it got pretty stressful. Everyone wanted to do something different and they were being pulled in various directions because friends of all ages were out playing. Our neighbor came out, after their family left a cookout at their house, saying they still had so much food and invited us over for dinner. There were 4 families that came. It just reminded us of what nice neighbors we have. Again, Jeff couldn’t have picked a better street!

The most important thing is that Jeff’s mom is going in for tests today. Please say a prayer. I think she is very worried that it is the big C.

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Overheard at our house

After poking me in the eye, Garrett said, “mom, I just tickled your eye ball.”

When speaking with his friend about their classroom inside the building, Connor said, “I wish I had class in the port-a-let.” He was talking about the portable classrooms out back.

The teachers requested that we leave our children with a grandparent or someone responsible when we went to back to school night.  I like to cconcentrate on what is being said at these nights so Jeff stayed home and I went to both classes.  Of course there were children there so when I got home and Connor asked, I told him.  When he found out a friend who sits across from him was there we had the following conversation…   C, ” I would have loved to go.”  Me,”you would have been so bored. We jsut sat and listened to Mrs. Hood talk.  You did that all day.”  C,”what did Janice do?”  Me,”sit on her mom’s lap the whole hour.  SHe did a nice job but I am sure she was bored.”  C, “If I went I would have played with her.”  Me,”No, you wouldn’t have.  The teacher was talking so you would have had to sit in my lap or the chair next to me.”  C,”  we could have played Tic-tac-toe in our heads, mom!”

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