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What could make two boys cry at 7 PM?

The news we got tonight, that’s what.  We had a tiger scout go see it at the police station tonight.  The boys were so excited.  A police station AND getting to see their buddy, Chase!  This is the second year since they met.  Chase and Evan have been great friends (best friend status is saved for the brothers) since they met!  They were in the same kindergarten class and now they are in the same first grade.  They sit together at lunch and go out to recess together.

Tonight the police officer doing the tour was Chase’s dad.  At the beginning of the tour he said he had something to tell me.  I thought it would be something funny Chase said at dinner or something so imagine my surprise when the tour was over when he told me they have decided to home school Chase.  I don’t think my boys got it till we got to the car.  Evan started crying first.  Once he started Connor joined in.  “Is Chase really going to home school?!  I play with him and Evan on the playground!”

Evan quietly cried then said, “I sit with Chase every day.  We play batman on the playground every day.  Who am I going to play with?  I have no other friends.”
Luckily, Chase was not there today so I got to ask what he did today.   I need to learn more about Evan K. because that is who my Evan is playing with when Chase is not available.
We were talking about it and I was agreeing that it stinks.

I said something like “this is the worst news ever!”

Connor replied with, “Not exactly the worst news.”

me “what could be worse?”

Connor, “Carly’s dead”

Our dog Carly died this time last year.  It was bad news and it seems like we all cried just as much.  I just have to remind them that Chase is not dead.  We can still have play-dates together.  But, truthfully, my heart felt as sad as it did when people give the news of death.  It is tough to see your son(s) crying so much and there is not one thing you can do about it.

Oh, and, now they want to home school too!

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the weekend in Pittsburgh

The boys and I made the trip to visit my mom and dad and grandma.  It has been planned and postponed a few times but this time it worked out.  There was a boy scout camping trip we missed out on but the boys were more interested in visiting family than freezing in a tent and Jeff and I did not influence their decision.  I know some may say the parents should have the final decision and, really, we do but I see no harm in discussing options with the boys and work out things together.  In fact, I hope it will show how we problem solve and also show that family is a top priority.

Anyway, mom did not really mention how bad off my grandma is.  She did say they were in the hospital getting tests for a few days and nights but that was it.  Grandma was back in the nursing home when we got there and she would not let the boys in to see her.  She didn’t want me in there either but I insisted she was one of the three reasons we make the trip so I was going to come in.  I figure I’m 36 years old and I understand what age does to a person.  My boys may have a harder time so I did listen to her request there.  Boy, she was looking her age.  95 i think.  I held her hand and we went to a concert.  She belted our a verse here and there and seemed to enjoy it.  But, whenever she would get anxious and have tremors, she would start  counting.  You never knew when she would start saying, “21, 22, 23…”  It was all very sad.  I did talk to her about the good ole days.  I think she was happy to remember and when she didn’t remember something I went into more detail and she smiled a little.  Well, I like to think she smiled a little.  Truth is, I don’t think she did.  Her main question was, “where is your mother?”  She won’t let mom leave.  She wants her there at all times.  That is how grandma feels safe.  If I didn’t have thick skin I may have gotten hurt when she said things to me like, “You can go. I only need her here.” and pointed to my mom.  I know she needs mom so much but it makes me sad that mom is pulled in so many directions.  Thankfully dad is taking it well.  Some say he has to but he doesn’t have to make it so easy.  Some men wouldn’t but he does.  It’s cool!
We got home yesterday.  Halfway home we realized we left a suitcase.  It was the most important suitcase, the one that held all the important toys!  The boys wanted to turn around but I assured them it was not worth 3 hours and we will get them back in three weeks when they come down to see Josh, my nephew who just finished basic training.

We had a fun time.  Jeff’s mom and dad loved it too because he spent a lot of time with them.  Today, when I dropped off Garrett so I could volunteer in the school, she rushed Garrett in her house and closed the door saying “goodbye” to me.  I called Jeff and let him know I was starting to get a complex.  First my grandma and then his mom.  Pfft.

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It was a busy day.  I took my two oldest to  a friends house for the morning since they had a half day of school.  Then my youngest and I went on his field trip to the orchard.  He got to choose a pumpkin, played on the play ground, had a snack and had a tractor ride.
Then I had to come home and quickly chop onions then finish getting my chili into the appropriate crock pots.  I ended up making 16 batches of chili, some rice, cornbread and donations of dessert.  I put in 7 hours in doing that crazy dinner today alone.  If my husband did not come home early (because of a pulled muscle) and watch Garrett while I went to the schools I do not think I could have done it.

Oh, then I took the big guys to their boy scout meeting while Jeff put Garrett to bed.

Thanks Jeff!!

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My Husband

By now, you know I think my husband is the best.  He is also the best dad and the best provider.  Yesterday I witnessed something else to be added to the list.  He is the best son.  When his dad called for help Jeff did not hesitate.  He rushed off with his keys, carrying his jeans in his hands (don’t worry, he was not naked, he was wearing sweats).
I have since learned that he drove his mom to the hospital while his dad sat in the back seat.  He stayed with his mom constantly, at her request, as one at a time her visitors came in to her “room”.  When the doctors came in to talk to his mom and dad, they ended up looking at Jeff and giving him directions as to what to do next.
His parents are only late 60’s.  They are very competent people but the situation called for Jeff to step up to the plate and he did so with tons of love and plenty of strength.

Jeff, I am proud to be your wife.  thank you for being the man you are.  The boys are watching and I am excited that you rub off on them.  They will be great men because they have wonderful men in their lives, you being the most influential.  I love you!!  Thank you for taking care of us!

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Prayers for my mother in law

We celebrated her birthday last night. I think she said 68 years. Everything was fine. This morning my father in law called and said, “Janet, is Jeff there? I think something is wrong with Lois, can you have him come over?” That’s it. That’s all I got. Jeff ran out the door and called me soon after. They are on their way to the hospital. She can’t remember anything yesterday. They think it may have been a stroke.
I don’t know who comes to my blog but I’m asking for prayers for Lois and the family. She is the hub of us.  Always doing for others, never wanting anything in return.
Thank you!

UPDATE:  She’s back at home and will need to have plenty of more tests.   they think that she had trans global amnesia possibly from a blood clot or blood flow thing.  Hopefully we will hear something final soon.  She has been having trouble with her esophagus lately too.  I know she is going to feel really low in the next few weeks.

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120 Teachers and Staff

If I ever volunteer to make chili and cornbread and provide desserts to fill 120 bellies before night conferences again, please remind me of these few things…

1. We don’t have enough room in our freezer for me to do much before hand.

2. I have a three year old at home who does not enjoy chopping onions with me.

3. The parents who filled out a form stating they want to bake any time PTA needs them must not remember they offered, even if it was only a month ago.

4. Unless I invest in 10 crockpots, I need to rely on other people to provide crock pots.

5. People are unreliable.

6. I still have a husband and three children to love and take care of, a house to clean, and Curves to attend.

7. No thanks will be given except from the PTA president and probably 4 of the 120 people who will be fed.

8.  Sometimes saving $250 dollars from my PTA budget is not worth all the time and energy.

And, if I am still interested to tackle the job again, remind me I should find one reliable friend first.

The good news, it will all be over Monday evening. Better make that Tuesday morning.

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School Conferences

Jeff and I just went to the boys school conferences. They are doing very well, at or above grade level. I did find out why Evan is not so excited to go to school. The girl he sits next to told him he eats poop. Now, if any of Evan’s friends said that to him, he’d be the first to laugh (if it was said at the right time) but this girl he does not even know, that is traumatic for him. The teacher changed seats and they don’t sit near each other any more but it’ll take more than that to fix it. I’m talking a few months. I know it isn’t right but I feel like punching that girl right in the nose.

This week is going to be a busy one. I have to shop and make chili, cornbread and dessert for 120 people this Monday. I’m not sure what I was thinking. Maybe I will call around to get the desserts made by other people.

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