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a little snow and ice

So, finally we are getting some winter weather.  It was coming down so beautiful when Connor got home from school but we had to go right to art lessons.  I promised him that he could play out as soon as we got home.  I forgot about dinner.  So, he did.  we got home and he and Evan went right out.  If I was smart, I wouldn’t have let Evan out since he missed school today.  His job was to rest so he could go tomorrow but he did anything but rest.  He should have gone.  We were enjoying each other too much for me to take him in late.  BUT, toward the evening, when everyone gets tired and the whiny voices come out and they start picking on each other, that is a different story.  I may or may not have said the following to Jeff, “If it wasn’t icy out there I’d be outta here for awhile!”  Don’t worry, the boys didn’t hear.  That would be against all I believe, although I have been saying things that I shouldn’t in front of them.  Nothing too major, just not the typical me.

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we have a friend in NH who sent an email asking for prayers for her husband.  Here is the email so feel free to pray.  Today is Tuesday so I can’t wait to hear the news!
“I just wanted to ask you to pray for ____–he is in atrial fibrillation again and was scheduled for another cardioversion, but we had some disturbing test results concerning his heart, lungs, and blood.  We won’t know what all this means until next Tues when we have an appointment with the cardiologist.  Thanks! __”

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I just can’t get them outta here.  Evan started the pneumonia a couple weeks ago and Garrett quickly got it.  Luckily we found it quickly and it was gone in no time with 10 days of medicine.
Two days Evan was complaining again.  this time , after a doctors appointment again, we know it is strep.  Yuck.  We threw away all the toothbrushes, got new for now and new to change into after Wednesday when they said to toss the toothbrushes.  No fear, we went to the dollar store and bought a 4 pack for the toothbrushes for the next few days so we will only be out a dollar and hopefully that is worth all the germs we threw away.
My house is a mess.  Luckily we don’t have any babies crawling on the floor because our kitchen/dining floor is filthy.  I noticed today the yogurt spills that have dried on it.  I’m not going to get too worked up over that stuff.  I’m just doing a job or two a day to catch up.  Yesterday all the bathrooms were cleaned.  Yeah!  Today, maybe the floor or maybe the laundry.  I do have to go grocery shopping though.  I was watching a show last night about a family with 12 kids who have a grocery budget of $150 a month.  Could that be?  I know it wasn’t a week but it had to be twice a month.  There is no way for $150 a month.  although they did have a huge birthday bash with 150 people and they spent a little less than $150.  I need to hang out with someone like that to learn some tricks.  I thought I was getting better at grocery spending!  Not compared to that.

Troops are getting restless.  Time for a shower and a trip to the grocery store.

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wrinkles and cracks

all of us have had such dry skin since it has been so cold these last couple weeks.  The boys have chapped lips and our skin is drying out too.  This was a conversation a couple nights ago.

Evan: “my finger hurts here”

Me: “Oh, your skin cracked.  let’s put on this lotion.  it will moisten your whole hand and your finger will feel better.”

Evan: “put it over my whole body so my body doesn’t crack”

Me: “you body wouldn’t totally crack, just where there are dry spots”

Evan: “Grandmas hands are all cracked”

Me: “No, those are just wrinkles”

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Bag Party

My family uses any excuse to have a party.  Yesterday was one of those times.  My mom had sent down bags of stuff for us from my grandmother.  Little stuff, like, Jeff got her electric blanket, I got a stained glass ornament that she made to put on our window, and things like that.  There were bigger things too like lamps, clothes, etc, but with us clearing out, little usable things are perfect for us.
We called it a bag party.  So we all brought things that we had been meaning to give the other since our last meeting.  We got there at 11ish and left about 6:30.  Everyone was there but my sisters husband and my other sisters husband and son.  Jeff went willingly but I don’t think he expected to be there that long.  Garrett was so tired he fell asleep in the car on the way home and did not wake up even when I put his pull up and pajamas on.  Connor and Evan went straight to bed, after tooth brushing and pajamas and no one protested.
I love the fact that my family can get together and have fun on a moments notice.  I love that we giggle, laugh and help each other out.  I do wish that we spoke the truth in more detail when things were bothering us or we had a concern for someone instead of making a general comment.

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My son Evan goes to school with a girl up the street. They moved in a little over a year ago. I talk to the mom sometimes but no one else in the house because I don’t know Spanish and that is their known language.
The girl is now in first grade. She is doing better than many of the other students in the class. She is a hard worker. Her mom is learning English as she helps the little girl with homework.
I like them. When I volunteer in Evan’s class I make sure to say hi to all the students. The neighbor girl is one of my favorites because he heart is so good. Yes, I have favorite friends. Anyway, at lunch the other day she was so excited as she told us that her birthday is Friday. We still have a Barbie from Jeff’s stash so the boys and I wrapped it up to deliver today, when Connor’s friend went home.
(Connor had a friend come over after-school. He is a lot different from Connor so I am not sure what the interest in each other is. Connor loves art, star wars, Lego’s, Ben 10 and this boy likes to play video games, eat, play video games, run around, back talk and play video games. I did not know this till today. When they got home off the bus, they ran home to eat snack. Connor got them eating snow cones and everyone was happy. When the friend asked for more (We put so much sugar in it and he had an hour and a half left till his mom came) I mentioned that that was a pretty sugary snack and how about some cereal or pretzels or something. He said, “I’m full” and ran away.) anyway…
So I called to be sure it was an ok time to deliver the gift.  She asked if I could wait about 45 minutes because she had to shower and get ready.  Apparently they were having an evening family birthday.  I said yes but that we were just going to drop off the gift.  Well, we got there and she was at the store.  The husband, in his best English, invited us in, took our coats even though I was protesting, and immediately we were one of the family.  It took the boys all of 3 minutes to feel comfortable and start running around and giggling with the girls of that house.  Then Jenny came home and they all had cupcakes.  I felt like I should leave but everytime they were more welcoming.  The rest of the family came and the children played pin the tail on the donkey (different from us.  The children are blindfolded but the adults are guiding, with words, the children where to put the tail), hot potato, and then the long balloons you make animals with came out.  The boys were having such fun!  I looked at the clock and it was nearly an hour since we knocked on the door.  That was bed time!  I gave the boys a 5 minute warning and though all three said, “awww” they came when it was time (can you say phew!  Can you imagine if I had to drag them out like I thought I would?)
Once spring comes, I want to make m ore of an effort to get to know this family who lives only 4 houses up from us.

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works for me wednesday, clearing out

I found a new website that I just love. You have to join but all that means is putting in your yahoo address. Freecycle is wonderful because all you do is out on things you want to get rid of and someone comes right to your door to pick it up. If you are concerned with meeting strangers, you can put the things on the doorstep and the people just come up, take the things and leave. How much better could it be. So far I have gotten rid of two crockpots, a punchbowl, a million gallons (ok, maybe only 30) paint. If you think it is junk, before you throw it out, put it on the site. I can almost guarantee that someone will want it.

So, Go back to Shannon’s and read all the other works for me” tips of the day.

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