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37 years and two days ago

Just kidding, wonderful. I can’t tell the story because I wasn’t there. I shared all I could on our anniversary. We love you even though you were up earlier than I was so your brain was thinking faster. I’m glad you have a sense of humor as you sang to yourself as I was getting my drink in the morning.

according to the date on this thing, its 37 years and 3 days ago but it’s only 1/23.  i must not have the date stamp correct.  No big deal to me.

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sickness is in the house

I took Evan in to the doctors 10 days ago.  she said he had pneumonia.

two or three days later Garrett needed to go in. He has the same thing.

Connor is going in for a well child check up tomorrow.  Why do I have the feeling he will have it too?

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Pinewood Derby

boy scouts do a car race every year.  The boys and their dads spend about a month getting the cars ready, sanding them, painting them, getting the wheels just right and other things us moms are not interested in.
Sunday was our derby.  We got there in plenty of time, checked Evan in, and sat down to cheer for Evan while we watch the race.  It is a huge deal, very specific with weights, heights and lengths of each car.
When he only got to race his car twice (I thought it was three times but Jeff corrected me), Jeff went over to check with the judges.  I don’t know what they told him because he stopped to talk to some of the men so I went over and asked to look at the sheet.  They had Evan losing the first race when he actually won.  They said it was because a boy’s mom checked in a car without the boy expecting the scouts to race the car without the boy.  So, they took him off the list and renumbered the racers.  Then the boy showed up at the last minute (I’m not sure the race didn’t start already) and they put him back in.  The score keepers got so confused they did not mark things down correctly. They did not redo the race, nor did we want them to, but Evan worked so hard on his car.  He did the sanding, painted with precision, and was very proud (and if I do say so, it was FAST)  The score keeper came over to Evan and said something, I’m not sure what.  I didn’t help because I told him all the facts not thinking he would go up to the winner and say,”You didn’t really win.  They made a mistake.”  So that led me to apologize not only to Evan but to the mother of the first place car.  Evan and I talked about even though they made a mistake the judges ruling is fact so the first place did win the first place.  He understood but it was a sad, hard lesson.  I know he wanted to cry.  I did too, because he was hurt and I was mad at that mom.  I admit, I do know the family and don’t much care for the mom due to the fact she’s sneaky and not to be trusted but even if it was one of my best friends, I don’t think they should have let the boy race.  He was late.  The paperwork was done.   There comes a time in your life where you have to say you’re either going to wrestle or do pinewood derby not run your poor child all over town just to fit everything in.  He’s 6 for goodness sake!

Now Connor’s was much more pleasant.  Everything was correct and fair.  He did a fabulous job.  He came in second.
I know it sound like I just wanted my boys to come in first but that isn’t it at all.  It’s just annoying when simple things get messed up.  I told Jeff he might have to be in charge of the derby next year. He’s so particular that mistakes would be few if any at all.

oh, and Evan did write the first place child a note.  It was cute.  “Dear ___  congratulations!  I hope you win super derby.”
Hopefully that will cover what I undid.  Good thing no one is perfect.  It makes me feel better because that day, I tried to help my child but ended up hurting another in the process.  It makes me sad.  But I know I won’t do it again.

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We had the pastor of our church over for dinner and fellowship.  His wife is out of town and I know how Jeff (and I) would appreciate people keeping him busy if I was out of town.  Anyway, he is so kind.   Very soft and gentle and so much in love with Christ.
It’s fun to watch the boys get more comfortable around our new friend.  Tonight, after dinner, we were in the living room chatting.  Connor got a game and went over and sat right next to Gary, not saying a word, just getting closer.  Jeff pointed that out at childrens church sunday too.  It’s neat.
I look forward to getting to know he and his wife better as we all get closer to our Lord.

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Two Big Deals

Two big things happened to my husband this week.   We celebrated his birthday today and last week he was proud to announce it has been 10 years since he quit smoking.  He had been smoking 2 packs a day but, after meeting with a couple men from church, he decided to lay that habit out by the curb on trash day.
Lord, thanks for helping Jeff accomplish his goal.  Thanks that he wanted to get healthy for himself and his family!

I can hardly remember him smoking.  There are a few times that will probably never leave my memory.  Once, a co worker of mine, Betty Ryan, invited us over for dinner.  It was freezing outside.  Jeff ended up going out on her balcony anyway just to have a smoke.
Another time, he was with me in the school van.  We had stopped to get gas but we were on school property.  He got out and ran to the end of the prooerty, smoked and ran back.  Both those times, yes, I did think he was insane.  That and thankful that I never started smoking.

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our family

my husband is crazy. he knows it. It is one of the things that I was attracted to when we were dating. It hasn’t changed in these 12 years.

We celebrated his birthday last night at his parents house. They only live 5 blocks from us but we usually drive. We were in a crazy mood so we were all laughing like madmen. All but Connor. When there was a break in the laughter, we heard him say, “This family is so weird sometimes.”

You know that got us laughing harder. Connor, if you are embarrassed now, at age 8, just you wait!

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hand me downs

my boys are pretty close in age.  8, 61/2, and 31/2.  That means the sizes are pretty close too.  Evan, our middle child, just grew out of some of his size 5’s.  He is my saver.  He wants to keep things even if he never plays, uses or wears them.  So when he started wearing 6’s I thought I’d just put his 5’s in a drawer for Garrett.  Since it is a new change, I knew I would get confused so I put a “G” on the tag of the 5’s.  When Evan saw what I was doing, he insisted I also write, “used to be E’s”  One that was done, no problems.

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