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anniversary party

so, we are back into getting things ready for Jeff’s folks 40th wedding anniversary party.  If you need invitations we found a wonderful place, check it out.  All I did was send a photo and an idea.  She did all of it and more.  We are totally getting her for our Christmas cards this year!

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the list is growing, again.

My nephew Josh is in Kuwait for another day before going to Iraq.  he’s in the infantry.

my brother in law is in the hospital with some heart problem.  they run a test a day and we have no results yet.  I think they are milking the insurance company and hope for no real problem.  we should know tomorrow, unless they think of another test to do.

My sister who is struggling with work, her twins, house stuff and her husband in the hospital

My friend Melissa who has more health issues every week.  I guess it has caught up with her because for as long as I remember, she has been healthy.  Now it is an ovarian cyst, hand/wrist problems, a rash on her arms (she’s in a wedding next week!) a twisted ankle, and I know there is more.

Jeff and his long hours of work this week.

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the house I always wanted

it has happened.  We are the house I have always wanted.  The house where the friends come to laugh and play.  It started a week or so ago when the neighbor boy, age 6, says, before going into his house after the bus ride home, “I’ll be over after snack.”  He’s a regular now.  Then, the neighbor whose daycare provider was sick, called to see if I’d watch her son, age 9, for an hour before school and take him to school.  We did and it turns out he came after school with his 12 year old brother in tow.  Then, Connor made friends with the boy at the end of the road, age 8, and he regularly comes over.   It’s SO cold outside now, around 10-30, depending on the day, so it is all inside play. They play star wars galactic heroes, hide and seek, dodge ball with my big exercise ball (at least it is getting some use) and the star wars video game.  Yeah, it is a little loud and the first day when they were RUNNING up and down the stairs was very hard but once we talked about the do’s and don’ts it’s been smooth sailing.  The only thing that has happened so far is we had to replace a light bulb.  I’d say getting to know my son’s friends is worth $3.

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