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my nerves

things have been getting to them lately, well, actually just today.
1. If you receive an invitation in the mail that says, “Mr. and Mrs. ____” that is who the invitation is for. It is not for your children or anyone else you decide to bring unless their names, or the word guest, is on the invitation. It’s done for a reason, friends. Tell me, what child, from toddler to age 20+ is interested in going to a party with old people they don’t know and 50’s music for 4 hours? Exactly. that is why no children are on the invitations so stop adding to the guest list because I have a dollar limit and at $22 dollars a plate plus gratuity, I’m not excited to see 6 people on the rsvp when we only invited 2!

2. If you are ALWAYS invited in our house to play don’t get so upset and whine when you are turned down ONE time. It’s not the boys fault that their dad works hard all the time to provide for us and some of that hard work includes days off to work on a masters paper. The polite thing to do is to invite them into your home for ONE DAY! Would it kill you to share you toys?

3. Husband, I am sorry I was having a hard time keeping the boys outside. Since it is usually just us till dinner, we go in and out all the time getting light sabers, water, basketballs or what have you. You usually miss all the action. I did try though, see #2.

hope no one reading this knows me. although if you do, you know this is not like me. Remember, everyone feels like this every once in awhile.

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ping back

what in the world is a ping back?  i got one on my last post.  I may have to go here and find out…

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24 and random thoughts

Jeff and I are probably the last people on earth to start watching 24 but Sunday my sister let us borrow season 1.  We watched two “hours” that night and are hooked.  Too bad Jeff works because I do believe we could sit up all night watching the whole season!  Till then, we watch and “hour” every night or so.
I went out with the flamingos again today.  They went out Friday night for a ladies night.  I didn’t go but a part of me wishes I did because it sounded SO FUN!  I’m not into drinking a ton anymore but I would have had tons of laughs being the designated driver so I could get up the next morning and spend it with my family.  From my understanding, many of the ladies had a hard Saturday.  They went to a Mexican restaurant, drank margaritas, flirted with the waiter, had interesting conversation, went to a dance club, wouldn’t pay the cover, almost had a man pay everyones way but didn’t because they were afraid of what he’d expect in return, drove back to our small town, went in the local coffee shop to use the restaurant (it was closed but one of the moms has a key because she works there), got caught by the owners live in girlfriend (who was with another man that night), said mom almost got fired but didn’t, then getting home in the early morning.  I was laughing just hearing the detailed stories I can imagine being there.  Next time, I think I will be tempted to go.  I am surprised, after about 2 years of meeting, that many (not all) of these ladies are welcoming me, a newcomer, into their flamingo group.
I can tell it is getting nice out when my boys need a bath every night.  We often make it every other night so, if you happen to pass us on the off night, just plug your nose.
Three houses are for sale on our street.  Luckily they are not any of our friends.  One is right next door so we are a little curious who will buy that one.  I prefer nice over one with kids.  If there are kids, I still want nice!  There are too many mean and nasty children out there and, seriously, that wouldn’t work on our street.  We have the best in town!!  Jeff and I talk about moving to a traditional house but then we think of the neighbors we would be leaving and we decide every time that we are so thankful for our split!  Plus the boys tell us they are never moving.
I’m thinking of co chairing the ways and means with PTA.  That’s the fundraiser part. I hear it is a super busy three months and then everything slows down.  Anyone out there do that yet?  If so, tell me if it’s crazy of me to even give it another thought.  I do know I need out of staff appreciation.  Two years is plenty.  I’m also going to do the badges and awards for the cub scouts.  But that’s it.  I think it is do-able, especially if I have a competent co chair.
That’s all that is flowing from my brain tonight.

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sun valley, ca

Just curious but who lives here?  Is that you Nathan??  Feel free to click a hello!  We still think of you.  sometimes when I am washing the boys plastic plates I think of that first Thanksgiving when you spent so much time getting the sticker off the back.  In my mind, your place is spotless!

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Jeff’s working late tonight. This was the conversation with the boys just now…

“What would you like for dinner, peanut butter and jelly, frozen pizza or hot dogs? Dad is working late and won’t be home till after dinner.”

The three talked together and I over heard this conversation…
“frozen pizza?”
“there is not enough fluff for everyone that is why it is not a choice.”
“but frozen pizza?”

Then, in all honesty, this is how they answered, “would the pizza be hot?”

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headaches and heartburn

i don’t know what it is but I have been having both for the past three or four days.  Ouch!!  I am noticing I am grinding my teeth more lately.  Note to self: stop it!

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the past

although I often tell the boys that the past can’t be changed so don’t worry about it just think of what you could do differently next time, I am finding the past comes back.  I had to share my wild youth years with my nephew this past month because Jeff and I have been noticing he is going down the same road we chose in out teen years.  Looking back, it is easy to see what we did wrong but, like the advice I give the boys, you can’t go back so think of what you can do differently next time.  Well, I can’t relive my teen years (phew!!) but I could let my nephew know why I would change things.
Tonight is another kind of past.  With Jeff’s job, he has to network a lot.  He goes to card exchanges once a month and tonight it is at the local newspaper office.  No big deal except the editor of said paper is my ex boyfriend of 3 or 4 years who became one of Jeff’s best friends in college.  Once Jeff and I started dating, their friendship came to an end (it wasn’t all me though, they had both graduated so they didn’t live right  next door anymore.  You know how some males are with keeping up friendships).  It’s just weird and not just because I am 23 pounds heavier and remember how a certain heart was broken and the guilt felt about it because I know he is married with two children.  Jeff doesn’t seem to think it is a big deal.  He hopes to run into him.  I would do anything to avoid him.  Interesting how men and women are different when it comes to the past.

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