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need a laugh?

then go here.  Antique Mommy makes me laugh almost every time I check her site!!  She’s a must read.

and if you are looking for a fantastic mom blog, go here.   I’ve met Barbara and she is in person what she is on her blog.  A wonderful seasoned mom!

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stinkfly, ghostfreak, are you out there?

My boys love the tv show Ben 10.  They collect the action figures.   The company started with the 10 aliens but, as with all things, more characters are added.  Our family has been collecting the 4 inch figures since Christmas.  We didn’t get all of them during the holidays because, like in every family with children, we were not sure what toys would be hits and for how long.  Well, we are very sorry we did not get all of them.  There are two that can only be found on ebay for $30 plus shipping EACH.  I look at where the sellers are from and they are from Canada and out west.  Anyone reading is welcome to go to the toy section and check out the ben 10 aliens.  If you find ghost freak or stink fly, I’d pay you.  Not $30 plus shipping because remember, these little things only cost $4.99 to begin with but I will make it worth your while.
You may ask why I would do that.  Let me share the conversation my middle son and I had in the car coming home from the doctors office….
Me: “so, we’ll stop at Target to get your night time cough medicine?”
E:  “Yes and then we can go to the toy department and look for stink fly and ghostfreak.”
Me: “We can do that but I have jsut about given up on those guys.”
E:  “our family never gives up, mom”
So, who in this family is listening and doing what they are taught?  He’s right.  This family never does give up!  But I can tell you right now,  E’s birthday is in August so I better get a move on searching for these crazy toys!!

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I tried walking a couple years ago.  I got shin splints and swore I would never walk again.  For exercise that is.  Last night I needed something to do so I strapped on my walking shoes and took off.  It was really fun.  i started going my old way but it was bringing back the pain so I turned around and went the other way.  I decided to walk to where my parents are moving to see how long it would take to get there.  I also wanted to see if it was a fine walking/bike riding path for the boys.  It takes almost 15 minutes to walk (how long should it take to walk a little over a mile?  seriously, I’ll work up to it if I know).  I passed their lot and got excited to see a sold sign on the lot sign.  As I started home, I saw a man from church that Jeff and his family know very well.  They are very humorous so I hollered a hello.  Their house is beautiful so I let them know and he asked if I wanted to see inside.  How can you say, “no thanks” plus, I really did want to see inside so he took me in, disturbed his wife from relaxation, and we went on a tour.  I came in through the garage and after a few rooms I was lost.  Really, if they were not there leading me around, I would not know how to get back to the starting point.
By this time, it was around 9 and they were worried about me walking home.  He wanted to drive me home.  It brought back memories of when I was a teenager at the beach and my uncles would have to drive me to our vacation house from the “big” house, but that’s another story.  Anyway, I assured them Jeff would be at home oblivious waiting for me to return and I would call when I got there.  I found another short cut on the way home and it took a little less time.
So, as long as I don’t start feeling shin splints, I found another exercise once the boys go to bed.   I’m in better shape now so hopefully….

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our date

that date I was asking for in the last post… we had it last night.  As I was putting the boys to bed, Jeff was out back setting up.  last year we bought this table that has a hole in the center for you to build a fire.  It was cool and we tried it a couple times with the boys.  They didn’t like toasted marshmallows last year, we’ll see this year.  Anyway, he got the fire started, put great music on, brought out the speakers so we could enjoy said music, turned the chairs to face the house so it seemed like it was just the two of us, had the drinks ready and waited for me to join him.
We relaxed, talked, sang and jsut had a lovely time.  So good that it is a standing date once a month.
Today though, I realized it wasn’t just us.  Our neighbor behind us said she’s bringing the marshmallows next time.  We better do a fun neighbor night a different night because I am not giving up my monthly date with Jeff.  It was too good!!

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who is your best friend?

I was in Evan’s class volunteering today.  She had me laminating these tiny 1/2 inch squares.  if you have not had the opportunity to help in school yet, you will learn that the machines are made for big things.  To do these little squares, I had to stick my fingers where they should not be and I almost got melted plastic stuff on my fingertips once or twice.  When I completed my assignment, I took the whole thing in the classroom to cut the squares out.  When I got in the room, the teacher looked at me with a strange smile.  I figured she was feeling guilty that she had me doing that silly project so I said, “I thought next time I would laminate the hole punches from your hole punch machine.”  She and the other parent (who must have been gossiping and I interrupted, thus the strange look) just looked at me like I had two heads.
I know Jeff would have laughed.  And that is all I thought of as I was explaining my joke to them.  Yeah, they laughed after I explained it but by then, it wasn’t funny anymore.
It reminds me of when I was dating a guy in high school.  Mom never said anything till we broke up in college but then she said, “He never did have your sense of humor.  He never knew when you were kidding or when you were serious.”
Jeff, thanks for laughing when things are funny AND at the right time.  I missed you today!   Maybe we can plan a date soon.

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in plenty and in want

I have a good friend. One that make me think and remember. One that makes me appreciate what we have when I forget. It’s a good thing. I was talking to her today on the phone and I thought she was kidding when she said something like (if you know me, these words are not what was said just what I heard. There is always a difference!) “we all want what you have.”  I thought she was kidding so I snickered a little. After all, we all do have strep throat, my house, at the time of the conversation, was so messy with three children home for days and a husband who has been unusually busy at work. But, she was serious and said something along the lines of ‘think about it. You have three great kids, you get to stay at home, you don’t worry where the money is going to come from….’ and it got me thinking. She’s right.
But we were not always like that. In fact, there was a time, when we were both working, when we did wonder if we would have enough money before the next paycheck. This was when I was pregnant with COnnor and I did not think I would be able to stay home because of lack of funds. We always KNEW I would stay home, we just did not know HOW it would happen. We looked at our budget and realized Jeff’s paycheck was not enough to pay our mortgage, let alone groceries, electric, medical and everything else necessary. We had nothing or next to nothing in savings. Instead of throwing in the towel, we worked together to find a solution. Jeff decided he was going to apply for positions further up the ladder. The down side of that was that these positions were either in California or New England. We are big family people so being far from them was hard to think about. Luckily, he got the New England position so we were only 11 hours away from family. We sold our house, bought a house, quit two jobs, had a child, moved to a place where we knew no one all within a few months. It was not easy but we made the decision for our family. It was best. We do not regret it at all. We had total peace in that hectic time in our lives.
There were other things we had to do too. We did not have cell phones. We had rabbit ears on the tv because cable was too expensive, net zero for the computer because it was free, Jeff took his lunch to work, we did not go out to eat very often if at all, if we wanted something “extra” for Connor or Evan (20 months later) or for ourselves for that matter, we put it on their birthday or Christmas list. I missed my uncles funeral. Then my cousins funeral. We did not go home for holidays, it was too expensive. We went to visit our parents once a year. they came to see us once or twice (well, Jeff’s parents came up every month or two but that is a different story) Our vacations consisted of traveling to visit family and the annual reunion to the beach. Man, that is starting to sound like it was not much of a life at all but it was wonderful though there were tears as we were living through it. We had two great children, a fabulous church, each other, food on the table every night, great friends and much more. We had a great phone plan that allowed me to make any amount of calls after 7. I took advantage of that!! But, since our goal was for me to be a mom AND stay debt free (sans the home) it was easy. Not all the time but we just needed to look at the boys and look at our checkbook to remember, yes, it is worth it.
Sometimes it is nice to remember those times. It was quite some time ago. There are many differences from then to now due to the fact that time has gone by and Jeff has continued to work hard in whatever occupation he is in. We now have many of the things we didn’t have then. But now, we can afford them. I remember moving back here, three children with us, thinking that Jeff would be working at the local grocery store as a bagger or something while he completed his MBA in lightening speed and me working as a waitress at night so we could afford our new life. It didn’t work out as planned but we had one. I remember when Jeff got his promotion to where he is now and we thought about our lives and where they came from. I remember telling him that I believe God is pleased with us because we really were satisfied in plenty and in want. Because, really, no matter how much you make, it will go.

So, yeah, it feels good for others to see the fruits of our labour even if they see the fruit and not the labour. I’m thankful to have been reminded of it today. I’m thankful for my friend, you know who you are. I hope you are not offended in my writing but I really am thankful that you reminded me of my life today. Even if I did have to get off the phone because Connor bit Garrett in the butt. Tomorrows job, after ironing Jeff’s shirts, check receipts and get the budget in order.
Thanks again for unknowingly holding me accountable. That is what friends are for and you’re a great one!!

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everyone is talking of this lovely spring weather.  I want to know where it is.  My boys are still wearing their winter coats to school becuase it has been so windy.  Spring?  Where are you?  I’m looking everywhere and I can’t find you!!!

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