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New Hampshire vs. Mrs. Hamscher

Garrett and I were picking out a game from the closet where we keep track of the boys height.  I got to looking that he was so small when we moved here.

I asked, “do you even remember our New Hampshire house?”
G: “yes” (use a lisp when you are saying it)
Me: “what do you remember?”
G: “The pool…”
Me thinking to myself, wow, he remembers going to the pool at the Races?  Wow!  Well, we did go there often!
G: “… and the splinter, and the girl”
Me: Laughing, “oh, yes, that did happen at Mrs. Hamscher’s pool last year!”

He remembers the people from NH becuase we often remind the boys how special that time was.  Poor Garrett though, I know how it is only to remember through stories.  I’m the baby too.

Mrs. Hamscher is the best teacher ever.  She taught both boys in kindergarten.  On slow days, I get to go in to help her in the classroom because, even though I am not invited into the boys classrooms now, I am always welcome in hers.  In fact, she tells me, when her children were in specials yesterday, “I hate to keep you busy with busy work but I do need that bulletin board down.”  Mrs. Hamscher is just as special as our NH memories.

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so I clicked on my site just in case I felt like writing something and saw that my LV pal must be checking in so I have to update out of guilt.  Otherwise, I’ve been uninterested in the blog.  Mine, not others.

It’s been so busy so here are are mid-May highlights…

We had the 40th anniversary party for Jeff’s parents on the 19th.  there was not one kink in the whole day!  I don’t count the clogged toilet a kink since they came right out and fixed it.  Everyone had fun, they were surprised (which surprised me) we all had loads of laughs and clean up was a breeze, especially since Jeff was the one who had to dig through the trash for the Head’s wooden dove necklace.

Garrett’s school is over.  His program was the 20th.  He sang a few songs, waved to us from the stage and hid his face with the diploma.  It was cool.

the 21st was busy because Connor had 8 of his baby teeth pulled.  They were not coming out and there was no room for his adult teeth to come in.  When a dentist tells me it will be a couple hundred now or a couple thousand later, I jump at the now.  he will need to have 2 adult teeth pulled at a much later date because his mouth is so small.  I was just thinking, we have a friend, Jenn, whose teeth are so straight but they stick out of her mouth.  I wonder if that is what it would look like if we didn’t get them pulled.  Hmm, Jeff, what do you think?

Evan’s ball has kept us very busy.  His team may be in last place but he is doing great!  His hitting has always been good but even that is improving. Garrett and Connor do well staying amused with other siblings.  After playing, Evan always wants to stay and watch another game that is playing and that usually pushes it with the brothers but some days that is just what we do.

We’ve been to a carnival, bought a water heater, bought a car, went to Evan’s authors tea at school to check out his writing, celebrated memorial day with a picnic then a service for the veterns, and much more.

things should be getting back to normal.  12 days of school left till the fun begins.  The boys and I already have tons of summer plans.  Some of the plans have to be reading and writing responses though because I just found out our wonderful eldest does not do well and it will become something serious if I don’t jump in to help now!

oh, and my folks are moving down to MD to be closer to us.  Come december, they’ll be ONE.MILE.AWAY!!  Yes, all 5 of us of us are very excited.

so, that’s it.  Update your blog or email so I know what is happening with the few of you who check in here.

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too old?

Am I too old to be a bridesmaid?
Is Jeff too old to be an usher?
Are the others in the wedding party going to think of us as the “old couple”?
We’ll show them that even the old folks are fun!!

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new hampshire friend googled here

I noticed someone googled a friend of ours from new hampshire and, since she left a comment once, they were directed here. Let me be the first to tell you that ML is a wonderful person. She is married to a great man, JL and, even though I never met their son AL, with a mom and dad with such big hearts, I know he is just as great. It was always our pleasure to spend time with the L family, I’ll never forget when they came over one Christmas wearing matching outfits. And it was my personal pleasure to walk out of the meetings her husband ran for Sunday school. So, whoever wanted to learn more about ML, if you are looking for only the best things about them, I’d be happy to sing their praises but if you are trying to dig up nasty stuff, you will find none of that here. I know nothing negative about them.
And, their sister and brother in law, MS and JS are pretty great too.  although, I do know them better.  Good thing for them no one wants information on them, bwahahahaha!!

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it’s only money

thankfully it is only money. otherwise, we’d be screwed.
We were doing wonderful. Saving. getting out of debt. all that other good stuff. Here is what has happened in the past month, actually, the past week and a half…

Possibly in need of…

a new roof (roofer is looking and estimating next week)   they just stopped by.  not needed at this time, phew.
new glasses/contacts THESE I GOT ALREADY
new dishwasher (food is still on when it’s ready to unload)
new car (jeff’s is stalling etc.)  GETTING THIS SATURDAY
new water heater  GOT THIS AM

oh, and I almost forgot, a new battery for my cell phone that keeps beeping.  is that considered a priority?  I count that and the dishwasher a luxury but, we’ll see.

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40 years

so, our party for Jeff’s parents was a huge hit. Everyone had fun and it was truly a surprise! In fact, they walked in the place and the guests hollered surprise and Lois still did not know what they were talking about. She said, Luckily Jeff or Scott said happy anniversary.

NOTHING went wrong with this party. There were no fires to put out. There were happy people everywhere. I would have changed nothing. Well, actually,the only thing I would have changed would have been to tell the guests no gifts.
We had the best caterer and the best DJ. because of this, things just flowed. I don’t know what more to say about it but, I hope Jeff and I are near where they are when it’s our 40th 27 years from now.

oh and even better news, his brother asked the girlfriend to marry him that night when they got home. She.said.yes.
it was all so worth it.

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we’ve had such a busy May.  It will slow down a little now since we had the big 40th anniversary party last night.  It was such a wonderful time with a wonderful outcome I will have to wait to talk about.  I am getting sleepy again so I’m going to wake Connor up (at midnight) to see if he wants a peanut butter sandwich, take him to the bathroom then go to bed.   He’s getting 8 baby teeth pulled out tomorrow.  Ouch!!

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