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why is it?

that every time I want to do my bills at night something is wrong with the system and I have to check back at a later time?  Do they not understand I have a family to take care of during the day?  I want to be doing my bills etc at night when everyone is sleeping.

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We don’t do allowance.  The boys earn a small amount of money periodically.  we usually surprise them.  they never know when it is coming.  sometimes, when we ask them to do something and two out of the three whine and complain we reward the third with 50 cents or a dollar.
We DO teach them about budgets though.   There was a time when we bought something every time we went to the store.  Then, our budget was feeling it so Jeff and I (mostly me because I was the one doing it) talked to them about how dad works to provide for us.  He gets paid to work but we have to pay others for many reasons.  I had them guess at some of the things we pay for but they didn’t scratch the surface.  I didn’t give all the details lest they stay up at night and worry we won’t have enough but I did give them enough information for them to keep their eyes open to see if we can lower the cost anywhere.  For instance, I mentioned we pay for water.  We came up with some ways to save like turning off the water when they were brushing their teeth till they were ready for it.  then, for electric, to turn off things (lights, tv, etc) when they were done.  They know about the mortgage, food, fun money and maybe a few others but they also know dad willingly works hard for us and as long as we pay attention to where the money goes he will continue to be willing.
Well, they so badly want stinkfly and ghostfreak.  We had a yardsale today and made $40 (I sell stuff for pittance) and they were so excited we had enough to buy stinkfly.  I mentioned it was hard for me to pay $30 for something that regularly sells for $4.99.
Fast forward to putting Evan to bed tonight.
E “I can’t wait to get stinkfly and ghostfreak.”
Me “Yeah, maybe sometime but it is hard for mom to pay that much more.”
E “I know.  “we’ll ask santa because everything is free for him, right mom? I can ask for a Wii too”
Me “Well, I never saw his workshop but they say the elves make the toys for him.  Or, and you have a birthday coming up.”
E “Wii’s are like $200 or a million dollars.  Who would spend that much?!”
Me “I know two people who like to spend money on you”
E “nana and paw paw.  Yeah.  They buy us anything.  But, how will they have money for food?”
Me “Paw paw likes to show you he loves you by buying you things.  He has plenty of money for some toys and food.  He would never spend more than he had.  Don’t worry!”

Lesson learned.  He knows budgets.

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help is here

Because I am not doing staff appreciation at school next year, someone has come up to me and asked what it is all about.  After telling her the details, she’s a little less interested but interested enough to go through one of the lunch preparations next week.  Yeah!  So, now I have a sucker friend who will help me set up and clean up but more importantly she’s willing to do the slicing and dicing for one of the lunches. That means she is offering to cut up 12 heads of lettuce, 16 tomatoes, and 10 onions on Thursday night!  Since she’s going to do this wonderful task on Thursday night, I only have to do it on Tuesday night.  I like passing the torch.

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I have found out a few things these past few days. I have learned I am a stress eater. Thank goodness I am not typically stressed because I would be more than 15 pounds overweight. Also, I have learned whenever I get any kind of invitation in the mail or email I will stop what I am doing, check my calendar and immediately call or email a response. The anniversary party is in a couple weeks and if we did not track down some of the slackers we would be paying $170 to the caterer not knowing if the people will be there or not and that does not include the 10 uninvited children who are coming. (Really, what child is going to have fun at an old peoples party with 50’s music and Marcella chicken? That’s why we didn’t invite any). So, because it is Jeff and Scott’s money, I started asking people at church if they are a yes or a no. You’d think this would be embarrassing. It would be if someone had to ask me but every single person I asked didn’t blink an eye as they said, “yes, I think we are coming”.  If I knew them better, I’d have slapped them in the face and uninvited them I probably would have mentioned the caterer is waiting on a headcount or something like that.
I am also getting ready for my last teacher appreciation lunch. It’s a lunch for 120 staff members and I only have $300 left in the budget. So, I’m shopping at Costco and making a Mexican lunch. Jeff says I’m crazy after doing similar with chili at the beginning of the year but I have help this year. Anyway, my $300 won’t buy lunch, drinks and dessert so I emailed 33 people (who volunteered at the beginning of the year to bake) and ONE responded. ONE!! Even if you can’t do it, it would be nice to respond back, don’t you think?
People are crazy. And I’ll bet they say the same thing about me!  As long as I can keep it to 15 pounds or less, we’ll get through this.

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healthy eating

In an effort to lose some weight, to get healthy and to be attractive to my man I thought I’d try a new recipe involving tofu.  I went to my favorite recipe site and searched for a 5 star recipe that included tofu, printed it out, went shopping, came home and prepared the meal.  It wasn’t looking all that appetizing but we sat down anyway.  Here is the following conversation, as well as I can remember…
Jeff, “well?”
Me, “I didn’t try it yet.  I’m a little scared.  You?”
Jeff not saying anything
Me, trying it,”Hmm, it doesn’t taste like anything.”
Jeff, after trying it, gave me a crazy look as if to say, “you can’t like it!!”
Me after trying it again, “It does taste like something.  Something gross!”
After laughing a little we both decided we’d have an apple and ice cream for dinner.

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after all this time

for months we have been eagerly awaiting YMCA’s awards night for Troy Palamalu of the Steelers. He’s my son’s favorite player, mainly because of his hair but for me it is his character. We have been in contact with the YMCA who said they would send us information when tickets go on sale. Jeff and I talked and thought it would be fine for the boys to miss two days of school to see their favorite Steeler. I figured the boys would be thrilled if we slipped in the back row with our cheap seats to see Troy in person. Imagine my disappointment when this email arrived in our in box today…

VIP reception starting at 5:30pm (Steelers, pirates, pitt athletes, perhaps penguins – waiting to confirm) = $150.00 per ticket (includes actual banquet/awards ceremony).

Dinner/Awards Reception at 6:15pm = $100.00 per ticket.

100% of the proceeds from the banquet goes to the YMCA Strong Communities Campaign. This allows the YMCA to provide memberships, programming (summer camp/swim lessons/after school programming, etc.) to those who could not otherwise afford the YMCA offerings.

Let me know if you are interested in purchasing tickets or if you need further information.

Now, I’m all for fund-raising and supporting the programs of the YMCA but I was under the impression this was simply an awards night. I read the email to the boys tonight and this is what they said,
Connor, “They jsut want to get rich”
Evan, “one hundred dollars each!  I don’t think we should go.”
Needless to say, at $100 a ticket and we have 5 people who would go, we will continue to watch #43 on TV and not in person.

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