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pac man

just wondering, what comes after the key?  My boys and I are so curious but I can’t get there.  It’s crazy when you eat the big dots and the guys don’t even change color anymore.

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my accountability will be this blog

I’ve been lax on our budget.  I just got tired of writing what I spent on our calendar then transferring it to a spreadsheet.  Instead of thinking of a better way to do it (I don’t want to spend money on a system already proven because I never liked spending money on something that was suppose to save me money.  Plus, I’m a smart girl, I can figure something out.  So, I think I have it.  I’m beginning the first of August, actually,  tomorrow because I went out tonight and spent all I needed to before I start keeping track so I doubt I’ll even go to the store tomorrow.  We leave for vacation this week but I plan on having our credit cards paid in full by next month.  That would include the cog railway tickets that are a rip off of $200 for a family of 5!!  My mom says we have to do it though.  It’s a memory she will never forget and we didn’t do it when we lived there.
So, there you have it.   Feel free to ask me how I am doing.  If I change the subject before answering chances are great that I’m failing.

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Aunt Betty

I know I haven’t been blogging but this isn’t a post to say goodbye. I just got home from my sister’s house. We all went to target. The two of us and a total of 5 children. All between the ages of 4 and 8. We were quite the site at target. My one nephew whispers worse than I do and when I whisper anyone in the same room can hear what I said. He had everyone looking but he wasn’t the only one.
Anyway, when we left the store, they were in their car and we just got buckled in ours. We heard him yell something and then his mom and twin just laughed and laughed. You know I can’t leave without getting in on the joke so I went to see what happened. My sister said George yelled “Goodbye Everybody” but John heard “Goodbye Aunt Bertha” and said “That’s Aunt Janet” And then George started crying because he thought we were laughing at him.

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As we were watching Jeff play volleyball:

someone calling for her friend, “Missy…”
Missy looks over and talks to her friend
Evan, looking at me, “that’s funny”
Me, “what?”
Evan, “That girl forgot her friend’s name so she called her Missy”

Little did he know that is her real name.  I wonder if he ever heard the name before since all (just one really) of the Melissa’s we know and love go by Melissa.

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price line

oh, I hope I didn’t mess up.  we really want to see Lawson’s when we go to NH but they are leaving for Calif shortly after we arrive.  The only way we could see them is if we leave the day before we planned, stay at a hotel and finish the 11 hour drive the next morning.  Well, Jeff and I talked and since this is our second vacation this summer we are a little frugal (ok, I know, I’m always frugal).  Anyway, we decided if we could get a hotel for $75 we’d do it.  when I went to priceline it looked like we could only get something for $90 till I saw something in the corner.  I clicked it, it took me to the Esa Fishkill Hotel and there we have it.  For $74.75 we will be sleeping here.  All the reviews (but one) were very favorable, that is not what I am concerned with.  I just hope there is enough room for all of us.  I just tried calling and the office closes at 11PM.  Jeff, don’t worry.  I’m sure it’ll be great.  Either way, you’ll get a bed.  I’ll confirm everything up tomorrow, after the play date with Chase and before Spanish class for the boys.  It’ll fit in the schedule, I know it will.  Yiiikes.

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This thing is like having a new born baby in the house again. There are two very tired Fraley’s in the house today and it’ll only get worse. They say it takes about 2 weeks to 2 months for this thing but the guarantee says a whole year. Can we go that long?? Positive thoughts are what will get us through. He’s still so excited!  Last night he was concerned with catching on fire from the thing and tonight he was concerned with it taking a whole year.  I let him know if it takes a whole year we’d be sure to get our moneys worth so don’t worry about it.  He didn’t quite understand but he knows we’re rooting for him so it’s all good.

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ever happen to you??

we were on vacation last week. we had a wonderful time with my dad’s side of the family. All 40-50 of us meet up at the beach for a week. there are about 6 different houses, including the hub, or as we call it “the big house”. We had such a great time with our only schedule being, beach in the morning pool in the afternoon. there were days that we even veered from that and did the pool all day. the only other thing that was on the schedule was clean up day. once during the week everyone is signed up to either cook or clean up dinner for the gang. this year Jeff and I did set up and clean up. Next year I think we are cooking. Anyone know of a good (but easy) meal to feed 50?

Anyway, to get back to the title of this entry, whenever we go anywhere on a trip I clean the whole house. It just feels good to come back to a clean home. For some reason though, this trip was different. Everything was clean when we walked through the door but an hour later it looked like a tornado hit. Usually I conquer these tornado’s but lately all I do is look at it, shrug, think “later” to myself and leave the room. I’m not sure what is going on but if this keeps up I’m going to go crazy. This feeling better change and quickly! I have a feeling now that I got it off my chest things will be looking good in a matter of days hours.

Signing out to get some laundry done and the bathrooms clean. I have to keep up because someone in this house is trying out something similar to this tonight and I have to be ready for clean sheets. Hello, sleepless night. tomorrow I just know I’m going to be saying, “Hello tired whining child (and mom). It will work, just persevere.”

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