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THE talk

we think it is about time to have the talk with Connor. To test the waters we read part of the first book of the series from family life. All was well till we read the word va**na. They thought that was the funniest word. it didn’t help that we were tired and Jeff was with me and just started giggling too. Ahh, if these boys turn out ok it’ll be thanks to the Lord. What a fun night, I’ll let Jeff tell you the details.
*as far as the ** in the word above, someone suggested to do that if you type words like that to keep away weirdos.

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pull my finger

my children love to laugh.  the other night when Jeff and I were getting them ready for bed, I heard him ask one of the boys to pull his finger.   Obviously, they did and you know what came next.  yep, loads of laughter and the boys that were not in the room ran there to see what was so funny.  After they smelled  heard what happened, they all started trying.

Today, days later, I was up with Garrett, enjoying our one on one time.  Out of no where he said, “pull my finger”

yep, lesson learned.  thank you Jeff.

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Mourning already

Monday is the first day of school. I can’t figure out how it came so quickly. we have been having a great summer sans the arguments that brothers have (more as they get older).
Today we went to meet the boys teachers. Connor’s teacher is young (this is her first year), smiles and seems nice. Jeff told me when he asked Connor about it he said “she has a soft voice”. He sounds happy with his teacher. I pray, and I mean pray, for his schooling because he has had a time with teachers. His first grade teacher took him from loving school to hating it in a few short months.
Hopefully this is the year he excels and has fun doing so.
Then we took Evan to meet his teacher and, let’s just say, I’m glad he has her and I don’t. She, too, is young. This is her third year teaching. She is so nice, we have met before and I know the children love her. she is just like the children with her excitement and voice. It’s the voice that I may have trouble with. Usually, i don’t make comments on voice because mine is so unusual but hers, when she gets excited, is so high and squeeky. Who cares what I think though becuase if you saw E

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laughter is the best medicine

when something makes my friends laugh and the same thing makes my husband laugh, I figure I should make it a memory keeper and share it on the blog.  Here is an email the owner of our rental sent the Fournier’s with a couple additions from me.  Enjoy…

Hi Kathie & Mike,

I received your package on Saturday. Thank you for returning the bed cover.  It smells better than anything I’ve ever laundered.
I have extra covers full of the musty odor from downstairs for events like this so it’s no big deal.  I buy extras at yard sales with the security deposits of folks like you.

I’m glad to hear that you had a good time and enjoyed the north country.  Wasn’t the lake so much fun?  We’re so thankful to be living 1000 yards from that pond! 

I hope that you will consider my home for your vacation needs next year.  By then there will be one more year for the mold and mildew to grow so don’t be surprised if the downstairs looks different.  We’ll probably find another used rug to put on top of the rugs downstairs.  No worries though, we still have the wood stove to cover the odor.

Thanks again for everything.

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evans tooth

evan lost his third tooth.  he tried and tried last night to lose it.  We tied it around the doorknob a ton of times with dental floss but since it really wasn’t ready it didn’t come out.  He let Connor (the professional tooth extractor) help him last night.  I heard him pop a root but it still wasn’t ready.  After making them stop for bed, I went in to check on evan about 15 nminutes later.  Instead of sleeping, like I expected, I found him wiggling his tooth.  This morning, that is all he wanted so we tied it again and pulled.  it worked.  now Jeff will have to put on this blog.

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Don’t ask me how I found it but this woman wrote 40 things she learned before she turned 40.  I thought this one was interesting.  sure, many were true and interesting but this was what I picked to copy and paste…

“You are the only wife your husband will ever have. If you are a lazy homemaker, boring conversationalist, crummy cook, disinterested lover, or undisciplined mother, your husband has to live with your shortcomings every day. If you are a diligent homemaker, interesting conversationalist, thoughtful cook, eager lover, and disciplined mother, you will be a joy to your husband each day.”

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In my younger years (high school and college) I loved listening to heavy metal.  I loved Judas Priest and Guns and Roses and listened to Queensryche and Ozzy and the old def leopard.  We still have a guns and roses cd that made it into the player.  Connor heard it and LOVES it… and I let him listen.  He has it on right now and, since the player was on random, Phil Collins (Jeff’s favorite) came on and I over heard him say, “This music stinks, let’s put it back on the good stuff.”  I just smiled.  Does that make me a bad mother?

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