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friends of all ages

my boys have friends all up and down this street.  Many of them play well together and others play together for convenience.   There are two boys next door who play so well with our boys.  Rarely will you find them arguing.  They have been known to make up their own games on the trampoline ranging from beanie baby toss to graveyard.  They also play inside.  Today, although it is beautiful out, is an inside day.  They have been playing hide and seek, caves and all kinds of other things.  At one time, Jeff got into the action which had the ages of the players 4, 7, 8, 10 and 36.  Friends have no age limits, right.  anyway, they were all tackling Jeff and he started laughing the laugh that is no denying that he is getting tickled.  He tried to fight back but they, even Garrett, are getting so strong he has to work more to get away.  He declared a truce and came out to rest on the couch.  I heard the boys in the downstairs room devising a plan.  I couldn’t tell you everything they were planning but I would periodically hear “Mr. Jeff (even the boys call him Mr. Jeff when friends are around)…”  “I hope he doesn’t…”  “do you think he’ll figure this out?” and more.  Soon they were calling Jeff into the room, “Mr. Jeff, we need to show you something!”  Jeff gets up and goes into their room.  As soon as he opens the door we hear a clatter.  Turns out, instead of using ice in a bucket they put beanie babies in a bucket and had it placed just right on the top of the door so it would fall as soon as Jeff opened it.  It was such a surprise.  You wouldn’t believe the cackling of laughter from all six of us.  they tried it again but, though we are 36, we don’t fall for the same tricks that easily.  Plus, I can’t believe Jeff doesn’t have a headache.  It came down pretty hard!
Yeah, even though we missed Mason (12) today the boys still had great fun!

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i remember last year Jeff was supportive of me running for president of the PTA.  I wasn’t comfortable because I hadn’t been to enough meetings etc to know what was going on so, instead, I took on the ways and means which means I am responsible in raising 31,000 dollars through fundraisers.  One is going on right now, the bookfair is coming in a couple weeks and then we are doing another art fundraiser.  It’s nuts!  I am doing at least 2 hours of pta a day/night!!
Next year, when they start looking for a president, I’m going to have to say thanks but no thanks.  Although I am busier than busy these days, I know by mid November it’ll be all over.  Unless, of course, we don’t make enough.  Then I’ll have to do more fundraising.  Yuck.

anyway, thanks, Jeff, for allowing me to do my best and not getting so worked up about the house.  Hopefully I’m keeping it up to a presentable level most days.

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3 dollars worth

Connor woke up today complaining of a sore throat.  he refused to go to school so Jeff put him in bed for a couple hours.  he did have mucus because, as a mom, I am privileged to see all things that come out of my children, especially the gross stuff.

well, Connor pinky promised he felt yucky so I made an appointment at the doctors.  Then, we went upstairs and took turns reading one of his library books.  as we paused from the book and started talking (one of the benefits of him staying home) I mentioned that taking him to the doctors was somthing we wanted to do if he was sick but if he was just kidding to get out of school, then he was wasting money.  I went on to say that this doctor appointment was going to cost $10.  His reply was, “well, i think I feel like I’m 3 dollar sick.”

(please note that we are not in need of money, but I do like to let the boys know what things cost when it is appropriate).

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no more training wheels in this house.  Congratulations, Garrett.  We knew you could do it!!  (we watched you months ago till you decided to take the lazy man’s way and stay with the training wheels).  we love you and are proud of you.

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If you give a girl a paintbrush

ever hear of the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie?  Every child should read it.  my day reminded me of that book.

the other night Jeff got to go to a genesis concert.  when he heard they were doing their last tour, he was so excited.  he got online right away and joined the fan club so he could be one of the first to buy tickets.  (ok, I’m done teasing him.  now it will be just the facts)
anyway, he bought 3 tickets but could only get them in Philly.  he and his buddy decided they would drive up early, go out sightseeing and then go to the show.  after, they would stay overnight and come home the next morning.  Wellllllll, I haven’t had the house to myself since we lived in NH and he worked with toys, traveling all over.  I remembered that was when I got most of my major projects done around the house because I didn’t want to miss him too much and because, since the boys were sleeping, I could do whatever I wanted however late I wanted.
Jeff has mentioned he doesn’t like the smell of paint.  It makes me a little sad because I love to paint!!  I had a friend come in and help me pick out colors for the walls last year and I just kept it in my wallet for just the right occasion.  Well, I decided when Jeff was away, I would paint our room.  My mom and dad got me the paint a week before because they had errands to do in Frederick and I didn’t feel like going.  I did the walls and everything looked nice.   But, then there were a couple spots on the trim so I had to go get the white for that.  When the trim in our room was done, I thought, “that hallway could really use a nice touch up.”  so I painted the trim in the hallway.  It looked great so I thought I better do the trim going downstairs.  The thing with that is, there is a chair rail.  so I needed to paint that.  Everything looked great.   but the walls.  I thought about painting (same color as they are, just freshen it up) walls but then I looked at the clock and it was way late (or early morning).   Our room looks great!!  But now the hallway and foyer look old because of all the handprints that have been on them.

I’m so tired I’m going to bed.

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you’re paid to do what??

there have been so many times I’d be doing something or having a conversation with someone and think “I’ve gotta remember this for the blog”.   but, as you know, my memory hasn’t been very good since high school and all the fun I had, although I never was one to remember things even in elementary school.  but that’s another subject for another day.

My boys and I went to visit my sister the other weekend.  on the way home we were talking about jobs and responsibilities.  My whole point was to get them to understand how Jeff works so hard for us so I mentioned how dad gets paid when he works at the bank and how he is a great provider.  We then started talking about professions and who makes money.  They were surprised to hear that their teachers got paid to teach them.  They also didn’t know you would get paid to drive a race car and if you worked at McDonald’s.  That fast food one was hard to get off of because then Garrett started naming all the different places “and Wendy’s”  “and Burger king”  “and…”  I couldn’t say, “yeah, Garrett, we get the point” because he clicked into something he was comfortable with and I am not about to knock him down any.  so, after all the fast food chains we started talking about volunteering and they asked about me.  I said that I worked but didn’t get paid money.  They really didn’t understand till I explained that I got paid by them.  They paid me through their love and attitudes towards me and everyone around us.  How they felt in their heart and acted.  So, I went on, some days I am paid with hugs and kisses and other days I am paid with bad attitudes and yelling.   They were all three really listening to what I was saying.  It was really interesting to watch them take it all in.  It is an important subject, as I do have three boys!  Luckily, they see that Jeff would do anything to provide for us.  Yeah, if I needed to I would work nights at the local resturant (because you can’t make anything faster than tips) but I think before Jeff would ask me to do that he would work more than one job himself.  Maybe I’m wrong, luckily we don’t have to find out.

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isn’t this house beautiful? go to “photos” then “view photo gallery” don’t look at the price. we ignore money when we make wish lists. after all, who has wish lists full of affordable things? That would be boring.

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