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hiking with the scouts

Yesterday, Connor and I were on a hike with scouts. We climbed up this huge cluster of rocks and were having a great time. Before I knew it, there was a space between two rocks (don’t laugh, I can’t remember the name right now) and if you looked down that space it was way, way down. Like 4 stories and I don’t think I’m exaggerating. Connor started freaking out, shaking and crying. I led him away trying to calm him. When he was calmer, he said he’d really like to be over with the other boys. I told him there is always a way around things. he got interested so we looked around and found a way over. One of the leaders made a big deal about Connor making it over, I think because a boy (who is never very nice) was laughing at Connor for crying. so Connor was all excited and ready to meet up with them when all of a sudden there was another opening where he could fall through and plummet to the ground killing himself. He freaked again so we made our way back to the starting where we sat with another dad who had no interest in going over either. Before I knew it, a different dad had come back across, picked up Connor and said, “Look into my eyes and no where else” Instead, Connor looked at me and said with his eyes, “Save me mom” usually I would but this dad is huge and I’ve seen him with his kids. I didn’t dare but mainly because I didn’t think Connor was in trouble. Connor started to get into it and as soon as the dad turned his foot slipped on something and they both went down. I heard that the dad’s ankle twisted and I know Connor landed on him but, he was still in good spirits as he joined us on the resting side of the rocks. When all the boys and parents came back, we all made began our 1.something mile hike back to the cars. The dad was jovial and not limping. I was happy because if something had happened, even though I didn’t know what he was planning, I would have felt guilty.
Instead, the boy who laughed at Connor for crying tripped and started crying. A different dad mentioned to me that Connor missed his opportunity to laugh at him for crying. Luckily, that thought didn’t seem to go through Connor’s brain because he stayed where he was having fun with the other boys. I”m glad that Connor doesn’t have to get even all the time!
Later, Connor did mention the boy laughing and I told him everyone cries. sometimes people cry because they are scared, like you on the rocks and sometimes people cry when they are hurt like him when he tripped. If he tries to laugh at you for crying calmly mention that to him. If he thinks about it, it should stop him.
well, I thought it was over. We had a great day with a few mishaps. But then I got this email from our den leader…

                I’m forwarding an email from (the wife of the dad who helped Connor). Let’s keep (the dad) in                     our prayers and hope that the Lord heals him quickly. He must be a trooper … I know he tripped                 when he was trying to carry Conner across the rocks, but he sure didn’t let anyone know he was                 hurting that badly. Let’s pray, literally, that he can make the camping trip too, he and (his son)                     were a lot of fun on the hike.

because he got this from the wife:

                Hello!!! (the son) might not be able to go on the camping trip now. My husband hurt his right                         ankle yesterday while carrying Connor across a rock that Connor was scared of crossing. This                     morning when he woke up it was SWOLLEN and bruised. After much persuading he went to                         (the  hospital) and they X-ray it and we found he has a acute fracture of the ankle. he is now on                     crutches and a brace until we see a orthopedic specialist on Monday. I am not able to bring (the                     son) because i am getting ready to have surgery again on my feet in a couple weeks and i am in                     pain 24/7. all i can say is pray for a miracle. thanks, (the wife)

I’m feeling a little guilty. I sent an email and we are planning on taking a meal. do you think there is something else I should do? even if I don’t know you, if you are reading this, feel free to respond. I’d like opinions thank you.


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