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only in my house

would you hear these conversations. As the mom and wife, I have the pleasure of participating in them…

“Doug is having an operation this week.”
Jeff, “Oh, what happened”
“nothing. it’s gastric bypass”
Jeff, “let’s take them dinner”
“um, what?”
Jeff, “oh, ahaha, what was I thinking?!”

Connor, “We asked the neighbors if they wanted their driveways shoveled”
“great, but did you ask for money?”
COnnor, “no, we said they didn’t have to pay us.”
Connor, “Mrs. Bradfield paid us $2 each!”
“wow, that is a lot of money.”
Looking up at her house, I added,
“But there is still so much on her sidewalk. You must go do that too”
Connor, “We didn’t ask to shovel her sidewalk. we only said driveway.”
“Yes but it’s all included in the price. Go shovel it or I’ll have to and then I’ll earn $1 of your $2”
Connor, “MOM!!”
and then it continued with continuing customers etc.

I know there are more. But I’m getting a headache from all this fun!! There is always something funny happening in our life! Good thing too because there are crazy things happening here lately. Nothing life or death just crazy.

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I’ve never been good at yo-yo’s.  sure, I’ve tried but I like things done the first time and when the ball thing just rolls back down I see no point in pulling it back up again and again.  I just don’t see the fun in it.

Our life has been a big yoyo lately.  There have been some changes and some discussions of change.  That never bothers me, I like change.  It’s getting hyped up and then brought down and then up again and then down.  Well, we’re on the up again but there was a week or so of down and I stopped everything.  Now I need to start again.  complete things, start new things, relax and breathe.  It’s a good thing my family is so wonderful because I wouldn’t want to do any of this without them.

and, yes, it’s all good stuff.  we are all happy, healthy and all that other good stuff.

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we put in an offer that wasn’t accepted so we’re going to stay here.  Connor is disappointed, Evan is relieved and Jeff said a huge load has been lifted off his shoulders.  I’m a little disappointed because of the size of the house but there was a lot of things that needed done in the house.  Garrett has no opinion.  But, it is what it is and we are fine with that.

We are now living in a cleaner home.  I’m still going to paint the bedroom but now will also do the master bath.  This has reminded me that I should do what we want with this house (within a budget) instead of waiting till something happens where we have to do things.

so I’m off to play with Garrett.  Then we’ll do some fundraising stuff, go grocery shopping and play some more.  These are what our days should consist of.

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All or Nothing

Jeff and I have never been one to sit around.  we started dating early November and, although I knew he’d be the one I’d marry on our first official date, he needed time.  Not much time though because I remember when he came to my classroom dressed as Santa for the students enjoyment we were talking about marriage at an atm across the street.  Yep.  We don’t sit around.

He proposed in Feb and we got married in November.  It would have been earlier but he refused to get married in the summer.  it had to be cold so he wouldn’t sweat.  seriously.  so, this time we waited around a little.  But considering it was only 1 year from meeting some would say we didn’t sit around.

We married, moved to VA in a rental and when I found mice in the attic I insisted we go house shopping.  If there were going to be mice in the house I wanted them to be my mice.  We went out and the first day we spotted our house.  I don’t remember the time frame but we bought it.  there were no mice but we did have huge spiders.  my mom said the spiders were so big they had thighs.  I can understand what she meant.  And there was the time we had a bug in the house I was sure it was a roach.  I killed it, taped it to a paper and mailed it to mom for inspection.  I didn’t think it all the way through though.  by the time my mom got it in the mail it was in pieces.

When I got pregnant with our first born, Jeff started job hunting for something better right away so I could stay home.  He went on a few interviews and ended up with a job promotion in NH.  we bought a house, sold a house, had a child, quit a job (mine), changed jobs (him), and moved 8 hours away from anyone we knew all in a month.

When the boys cried when Jeff went out to get milk, asked where dad was, talked to him on the phone sometimes more than in person Jeff got sad.  He quit his job, signed up for MBA classes, bought a home, sold a home, moved away from some of the best friends a family could have,  hurt friendships in the process, grew closer as a family all at a once.

So my next post shouldn’t surprise you.  I’m out of time now.

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where does it go?  I’ll never get everything I need done done.  maybe saturday Jeff can take the boys to adventure park themselves.  Or, I can go too since it should be busy and then I can stick them all, Jeff included, in front of the video games when they get home.   But that is saturday and I need these things done Friday morning.  Hmm.

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so, I went to this puppet show with Connor’s class today.  It was well done and really put things on the children’s level.  I’m still not sorry I opted him out of the overall class but I am glad that he went to this show.  There were these big puppets that people dressed all in black ( even a black mask over their face ) held and acted with.  After they acted out some fun things, they got into a more serious topic between the teen puppets.  The first one was was about physical abuse.  then they took questions from the kids.  The adults didn’t call on the children, the puppets did.  And the questions these children asked were thought out and very good. then they did another fun clip before the one puppet called the abused puppet on the phone saying he was just abused because his father pushed him out of the way of a lawnmower (that’s another story) and he hurt his arm.  So then they talked about what child abuse really is.  THEN they got into sexual abuse.  It wasn’t bad and, again, done well.  When they were calling on the kids for questions I noticed Connor had his hand up.  luckily they called on him because I was dying to hear his question.  It was, “how old are you?”  One girl said, “do you think it’s possible that your mom’s boyfriend did that to you because he was full of drugs or alcohol?”  she’s in third grade.  I’m hoping someone is talking and looking into her private life.  Just.in.case.

on a side note, the bottom floor is looking good and half of the top floor looks nice.  I’m wondering if this is going too fast and if we are doing the right thing but we are constantly praying and Jeff noticed today that they changed the date of our hearing (for a garage on this house) is a week later than planned.  That makes me think we’re getting more time for this move to happen without getting stuck between a rock and a hard place.  But, I’m glad Jeff is the decision maker because I keep wavering back and forth depending on if I’m thinking of the pros or the cons.  I’m done.

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Just in case

because I don’t know what is happening, I’m getting the house all spiffy.  Today, after my flamingo breakfast (of peanut m&m’s) I came home and cleaned up the tv room, bathroom and closet.  It’s not totally ready to get scratched off the to do list but it’s a good start.  The only things left in those rooms are to touch up paint.  who needs to wash the walls when you can paint, right?

now, because I can only do one floor at a time or I’ll go crazy, onto a much harder room, the boys room downstairs… or the laundry room.  either one is a challenge!  but I’m up for it!

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