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we have always let the boys know that you date a girl to see if she would make a good match for you.  we talk about dating to find a wife and that third grade is too young to get married.
This Friday there is a school dance in the elementary school.  All third through fifth grade students are invited.  Connor has been talking about this since the beginning of the year.  Three girls have asked him to go with them.  He has struggled who to say yes to.  We have had good lessons on this mainly, whoever you say yes to first is who you go with no matter if a better offer comes along.
Yes, it seems I’ve contradicted myself by letting him meet a girl at the dance but, he also asked me to go as well as a few other pals so I figure it’s still a group thing.
We did talk about dating etticate (spell check isn’t helping me with the spelling here and I’m too lazy to go to the dictionary)  The paper came home stating that you could buy snacks and water at the dance so Connor and I had a talk about it.  This is how the conversation went…

Me:” you’ll need to take extra money so you can buy Nicole snacks and a drink”
C: “what?”
Me: “the man, or boy,  usually pays for the girl when there is a date.”
C; “what does the girl do for the boy”
Me: “Talks to them”
C:” That’s unfair”

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today’s conversations

i just had to go outside to tell the boys they couldn’t jump on the trampoline because Evan just had 6 stitches in his chin LESS THAN 8 HOURS AGO.

“Garrett, come out with us and I’ll bring out your basketball hoop”
“I don’t like basketball”
“I thought you did with your basketball hoop”
“mom, some people have different decisions.  I don’t like it!”

E,” I’m not going to let these stitches keep me from liking ice skating.  I’m trying again in 5 months.”
E” not like Connor who won’t even go back to eat at Wendy’s”
C” wait, that was a totally different circumstance.  Vomit was involved”

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mother of the year

no need to award me a prize for mother/aunt of the year. i know the facts. If it wasn’t bad enough that i was in charge when my nephew broke four toes coming down the huge slide today confirmed I should be the winner.
Today is the last day of spring break. I gave the boys a choice of bowling with the flamingos (the group of ladies and children we pal around with) or ice skating. Without even thinking they said ice skating. They were so excited. So, we rushed around in the am to get ready and made it right in time for the 9-10:30 skate. about 10 or so i see Evan go down. He hit the ice with his chin and Connor zipped over to check on him while I continued to guide Garrett around. The look on Connor’s face told me to drop everything so I passed Garrett onto Connor and checked on Evan. There was a big gash on his chin. Connor is yelling, MOM, HE’S BLEEDING AND I CAN SEE HIS BONE!!! sure enough it was deep enough for anyone to tell he needed stitches. We ran as fast as we could run on ice skates to the first aid lady. She took her sweet old time putting on gloves and getting the gauze then looked at me with the look of, “you know where you are going now, don’t you?”
So, we took off our skates, rode back 15-20 minutes to our little town to get our new insurance cards (we jsut got them in the mail from Jeff’s new job) and back to where we were to the urgent care. i whispered to Connor that anything he said and did had to be thought about first. his emotions had to be checked in at the door or he had to sit and look at the wall. He did a great job and even watched the man stitch Evan up. Evan cried a little when he got the numbing shot. (Who wouldn’t) Connor would not be a part of that. But when he stopped crying Connor got interested again. I gave him the look of, NO EMOTION, BOY! and he was great. I told Evan it would be best if he closed his eyes. we guessed how many stitches, talked about vacation and held hands. he made it through.
when the nurse first walked into the room she smiled because Garrett had one hand, Connor had the other and I was rubbing his head. She loved how close the boys were to each other. I was impressed and happy that when it came down to it, the boys stuck together and helped Evan through his traumatic time.

I’ll ask Jeff to post a photo of the 6 stitches. Connor tells Evan it looks like he has whiskers like a man.

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I had ordered some books off Craigslist the other day and almost forgot about it.  A bit ago it came in the mail and  i let the boys open the package together.  When they saw it was full of Goosebumps I got differnet reactions.  Garrett was a bit interested but not really.  Evan got a huge smile and started leafing through the books right away.  Connor quickly shouted, ” we hit the jackpot!!!”

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I can babysit

I’m just cutting and pasting an email I sent out this evening.

Want to hear a terrible story? My sister called last week and asked if I would meet her half way to get her kids and then, with my mom and dad’s help, watch her boys and then the next day my dad was to take them back half way and she’d meet him.
Well, everything was set, we met at shady grove metro (that is no way half way but it’s cool she drove more) and came home to play. They slept and played great yesterday and then today they were having fun but needed to burn off some energy. I ended up taking all 5 to the big slide. I told my sister (who worries a lot) that there is no way that anyone could get hurt. It’s built in a way that no one would be able to fall off unless they wanted to.

My one nephew took one slide down and started shrieking like crazy. I went over and sat with him and I just figured he was either scared or didn’t want to walk up to get to the top.

But then he wouldn’t go to the playground or anything and I had to carry him to the van piggy back style. He’s about 100 pounds or so and the gate was locked. I still didn’t believe that he hurt but was very nice with all the conversations.

It ends up, (when he got to my sister they went to the doctor to check on his foot)after the doctor he had to go get x-rays of his foot at the orthopedics). HE HAS FOUR BROKEN TOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they aren’t coming up for Easter anymore.

anyone want me to babysit anytime soon?

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gray = old

I was spending time with the boys today and I noticed a hair on my shirt.  I pulled it off and told them to “check it out”  because half was brown and half was white.  They asked why it was like that and I mentioned that, like them, I was getting older.  when you get older you get gray hair.   they said, “Then Aunt Lynn must be really, really old!”
Poor sister!!

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we watched the tv show that ruins marriages last night.  I don’t know the name of it but they ask people such personal questions!  The thing is, the people are already asked the questions for the lie detector so they know the questions that can come up.  Why, on God’s green earth, are you going to get in the hot seat when you have slept with your friend’s wives and you KNOW they are going to ask you that question with your wife looking on.  And, WHY when the game is over and you answered that question, would you not go to your wife and give her a hug knowing she is crying and an emotional mess?
I was surprised when Jeff and I were watching and I mentioned that is the only reason I’d leave our marriage that he was surprised.  We got to talk about it more in depth and we got a little closer last night.  Too bad the couple on tv will probably not last though.

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