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Raising the dead

My son, Garrett, was sitting in the backseat as we drove along. we had just seen a friend whose mom just died. Somehow the subject of raising the dead came up and he said, “wouldn’t it be nice if we could raise the dead like Jesus? If we could then Aunt Ruth, I mean Grandma Ruth would be living and so would Carly” Carly was our dog, the best ever!!

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If you are coaching baseball and one of your guys gets hit in the head, it would be great to check in on them.  But if they get hit in the mouth a short 10 minutes later and they decide to go talk to their mom, it’s still ok to go check on them but please don’t end the conversation with, “You’re not going to quit on me, are you.”  In saying this, you risk the chance that the mom is going to punch you in the nose or kick you in the shins.
If you choose to do the above, I hope the mom is in a good mood and is more concerned with her son than your idiocy.  I also hope Mr. Lind will be there to let you know, in a joking way, that was totally inappropriate.
Luckily, my son thinks baseball is the best sport on earth and will never quit.  But you aren’t really an encouragement when you do that.  but, I’ll give you grace and say you were trying to lighten the mood because maybe, just maybe, that was what you were doing.
But I still didn’t like it.
Just sayin.

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for the record

if you get all excited about being able to tape a movie and watch it later, when your wife asks what movie it is she isn’t asking who’s in it and when it was made, she’s asking if you’re interested in her watching it with her.

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the next best thing

For months Jeff has been reminding me what a hard time this school year would be.  All.three.boys.in.school!!  He used to say he’d take the whole week off of work to spend it with me because I’ll be sad and have a hard time.  I told him not to be silly and that I’ll be fine but, you know what?  It is hard.  I miss them already.  My one friend calls me nuts.  She is so happy her boy is in school but my boys and I have so much fun together.  Of course there are days.  Last week for instance they drove me crazy and I was ready for school to start.  But the good days totally outweigh the bad and it’s sad putting one on the bus and watching the other two walk down the street with the neighbor boy.  I want to run up to them, get between my guys and grab a hand from each boy into mine.
But I didn’t.  And Jeff didn’t.  And he must have appointments all day because he didn’t call either but I did get a phone call.  From the flower shop.  My man was thinking of me and ordered me flowers.  A huge arrangement.   Thanks for thinking of me, Jeff.

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Net Nanny caught my site

I wondered why net nanny’s warning came up when I logged into my site today.  Come to find out people have been led here through some pretty personal words.   I think I better stop writing about how Evan uses “potty” talk.  I don’t want to need the p.o.r.n. warning to come up when people visit here!

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school and so much stuff

If I would sit here every night typing about the day then I wouldn’t have so much to catch up on.

We got a “new” vehicle.  Our van had about 120,000 miles on it and was still going strong but the air condition was temperamental.  That was fine though because the boys and I didn’t mind rolling down the windows.  That is, till the day we were driving into Frederick and it looked like rain.  I made a move to roll up the windows and Connor’s (the passenger side) window didn’t budge.  We pulled over with a warning of, “if we can’t get this up we can’t go to chuck e cheese because it’s looking like rain”  So with a knife and a little elbow grease we managed to get it working.  Sometimes.
I mentioned it to Jeff and he started looking more seriously for a replacement.  He’s been talking about it becuase the van was getting up there in years and miles but, he’s never been a fan of the heat so he was having none of the lack of air.
We ended up getting a “Garnet color” Durango.  It’s fine.  Big but not as long.  The boys love it.  I love that the windows go down in the back so the boys get more air too.  It would be nice if the doors were like a van because I can just picture someone slamming the door into another car when we park somewhere but they’ll learn to take care of things like that.  Just like when we were kids.

Connor and Evan signed up for fall ball.  Two months of practices and games.  Traveling games.  I didn’t know till after I signed up that we would be traveling.  It’ll be fine.  I’d rather Connor try 2 months of baseball than a whole season.  plus, it’s way less expensive.  He has a great coach too.  Last n ight was his first practice and when he came out for a drink of water I said, “You’re doing great.  do you love it?”  he said “no”  I said, “It’s only two months”  he said, “don’t remind me!”  But then when Jeff asked about it he said he had a great time!  Silly!

C and E had their first day of school yesterday.  E said third grade is going to be way easier than second.  There isn’t as much homework and you don’t do as much.  I hate to say it but it’s true.  The elementary doesn’t seem to push as much.  C has a sub for the first two months while his real teacher is out on maternity leave.  At least when I went out I didn’t come back.  That is hard on the kids (and the parents).  C is trying to get all A’s so he can earn himself a dog.  yes, a live one.  Jeff thought it was a safe bet but c is determined to get one.  He wants to buy toys already.

Garrett goes today.  I can’t wait to see how his day was.  He was excited to get on the bus and when the moms walked to the elementary school the bus passed us again so we all waved.  He got up and waved real big.  It’s sad that the boys are growing up so quickly.  I didn’t believe it when people told me but I’m now one of the old folks who want to tell the young moms to enjoy every minute.  But I won’t because I don’t want to be looked at like a crazy old woman.  I’m just glad that I did enjoy it all.  Just like I’ll enjoy getting my house in order next month because I’ll have the time.  It’s my season.

I’m sure there is more but I have to get to the elementary school with ice cream sandwiches.  It’s Evan’s birthday today and that was what he wanted me to bring in for his class treat.

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we went to hershey park today.  it was great fun but we left at 830 am and arrived home about 11:00.  We are all tired.
the guys didn’t like some of the rides that they loved last year and the only thing I can think of is we rode them right off the bat and they would have done better on smaller rides first.
Connor loved the frog lift, whip, bumper cars and the pirate ship and Mouse trap coaster
Evan liked the mouse trap coaster, frog lift and super dooper looper
Garrett liked the frog lift and the round coaster type ride and the train ride.

Some funny things overheard.  Jeff add anything I am forgetting because I know I’m forgetting a lot…

Connor is fearful.  It came out today.  We were on one ride and Jeff and I heard him telling himself “Calm down Connor, stay calm, stay calm.”  It worked.  I forget the ride but he loved it.

Evan didn’t want to eat other peoples stuff.  They got dippin dots earlier so when we got something later they didn’t get another snack so I shared my slushy (that was so good!)  He said, “mommy, I don’t want to eat your stuff but if you need help then I’ll help you.”  He said the same thing to Nana at lunch with her salad.

at the end of the night when everyone’s legs were tired, Garrett said, “I think we are walking around in circles!”

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