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growing up

when Garrett grows up he says, “I’m moving to Texas so I can have a pet monkey”

Connor is “going to have 5 schnauzer dogs”

and Evan is “going to have frogs”

But Connor and Evan don’t have to move because “you can have dogs and frogs as pets anywhere”

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lemonade stand

so Connor, who is 9, decided to make money yesterday.  He asked if he could have a lemonade stand.  I tried to talk him out of it by reminding him if he unloaded the dishwasher he’d get an easy dollar.  IT didn’t work.  He had his mind set.  so we made lemonade, took the plastic cups, ice, table, sign and a cup to hold the earnings to the curb.  In no time the neighbor kids came out with 50 cents each.  Connor got them both two cups of lemonade.  The customers, Cole and Riley, stayed to help holler “Lemonade.  25cents” for the rest of the day.  They got thirsty again but Connor wasn’t giving them another drink no matter how much they helped.  In fact, when they asked for some ice, Connor said “10 cents for ice”.

In the end, he made more money than he would have emptying the dishwasher.  And, now the dishwasher sits, full of clean dishes waiting for someone to empty it so the dirty dishes can be loaded.  Maybe I should make a sign and have the neighbors help me yell, “Empty the dishwasher.  one dollar!”

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I have a sinking feeling something isn’t right.  The boys and I are all fine so I don’t know where it’s coming from.

As we were driving home yesterday we did see a crash right in front of us.  I saw the smoke and the car flipped on the side of the road but Connor and Evan said they saw a jeep get in front of the car and the car swerved to the side and flipped.  They saw the car flip.  Many car pulled to the side of the road to help.  one lady had her cell phone calling 911 so we pulled off to pray.  Connor didn’t think that was enough so we talked some about how we would have hindered progress if we got out.  People needed to focus on the people in the car and not us.  He said we should drive the people to the hospital.  So, we talked about things.  a lot.  and I think he does understand that there was nothing more we could have done.
It would be nice if there were something in the paper though saying the people were fine.  He wants to know.

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