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October updates

*  I’m still not happy with Connor’s sub but they talked me in to keeping him in there till she’s gone.  ONE MORE WEEK!!
*  We’re wondering if Connor has adhd or add.  I’m going to have to look into that.
*  Evan has one more game for baseball playoffs.  Tomorrow we’ll know if his team comes in first place or second.  Either way, we’re proud of him!
*  Connor is starting his playoffs Saturday.  If he swings, he’ll do great.
*  We are still, as a family, way too busy.
*  Two fundraisers down, two to go.
*  I said no to a friend’s request for help and she’s said I let her down.
*  We may be making plans to go to NH in January.  We are excited to see Melissa and Jeremiah.  They both HAVE to go even if they don’t take their dog.

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