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my middle boy gets car sickness.  we’ve left a pair of poopie pants on the side of the turnpike before (don’t lecture, I couldn’t keep them in the car or there would be vomit on the rest of the clothes), carried ziplocks full of vomit till we found a garbage can and anything else you could think of. 

Today when Connor and Jeff went out to play survivor man in the woods with scouts, I thought it would be a great time to go buy basketball shoes for the boy.  He cried saying he didn’t want to get car sick and couldn’t I get them and bring them to him.  What a guy.  And the crazy part is, I just might do it becuase the basketball shoe store is in the outlet mall and I wouldn’t mind walking around trying to find a good deal for connor’s winter boots.

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funny stuff

this is like the third time I forgot my password or username.  it took all day for me to figure it out.  don’t worry, I did plenty but my mind kept going back to trying to figure it out.  as you can see, it worked. 

so Evan came home and was so excited to be going in our neighbors house to play.  He doesn’t get to do that much because, often with three boys, it’s all or nothing.  But today he was warned, “it can only be one of you”   which I understand but when her boy comes in our house she always sent her daughter.  that is, till her daughter found a friend of her own on the street.  No matter though, we roll along. 
But, he came over and said Evan couldn’t come in anymore because his sister already invited her friend inside…. but he was quick to say he could come in here.  I could tell Evan was disappointed but what could I do?  So, he came in and so did the other neighbor boy.  and Garrett and Connor went to the in laws.  two in, two out.  The one neighbor tries to get them to change what they are playing and today was no different.  Finally, in a last attempt to get them outside he said, “I can ask (stepdad) to play football with us”  They all three got excited till he came back in and said “he said no” and went on to explain why.  here is a quick snippet of the conversation.  It was much funnier when I heard it becuase they were all talking above each other and much more was said…

stepdad neighbor, we’ll call him L- he’s an electrician and works all day.  he gets up at 6 and get’s home around 3 or so
my boy, we’ll call him
E– my dad gets up at 6 and doesn’t get home till 9
L to neighbor whose house Evan wanted to go in, we’ll call him C– what does your dad do
C-works for the discovery channel
E- my dad works for BB and T (he really doesn’t, that’s my boy)
All this is said as they were talking over each other.  So funny. 

anyway, L had to go home so evan and his buddy started putting together the blocks to jump over.  It’s a favorite game.  I checked the clock and it said 5:03 on the computer.  I found out that our computer is 4 minutes slow because the neighbor, who had to be home at 5, called his mom (my suggestion) to see if he could stay and finish the game.  He hung up and said he couldn’t because he was suppose to be home at 5 and he was calling after 5.  5:07 to be exact.  Tell me how you feel about this.  seriously.  becuase, even if I am called the meanest mom ever, sometimes I feel like I may be way too easy on them. 

ON another note, we are looking into getting Connor a tutor one day a week to help him with his studies.  Out of three people I suggested, the one he picked said yes and just the other week emailed back to say he couldn’t do it.  When I told Connor, he said, “Why” and I explained that the teacher is going to help his grade level people after school and that his wife is having another baby.  All Connor could say through his sadness was, “I know, their fifth.  How many kids do they  need?  500?!”   I had to bite my tongue so I wouldn’t laugh.

Evan spent 15 minutes crying last night because he didn’t want to go to art class today.  This is my straight a student.  I don’t know what to do about it because I made such a fuss with Connor’s dud of a substitute teacher.  I don’t want to be known as the trouble maker but I also don’t want Evan crying himself to sleep twice a week.  He’s already talking about next week.  “We only have school Monday and tuesday  next week.  I wish it was Monday and Wednesday so we wouldn’t have art”  so sad. 

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candy night

we have called Halloween “candy night” since Connor started going out years ago in NH.  That’s what he called it since he came home with so much candy. 
Our boys, especially Connor, have always loved dressing up.  We’d buy costumes after Halloween because they would wear them to stores, out to play and inside.  It didn’t matter what we were doing, costumes were more popular than regular clothes. 
But, when they get ready for candy night, they look through all the ads and decide what they want.  In the past I would go out and buy their request.  some years they’d wear it and other years they’d wear an old outfit. 
This year was different.  They’d tell me what they wanted to be and I said, “Great.  that sounds fun” or something similar.  I didn’t go out and buy anything.  Early October Connor was going to be Indiana Jones, Evan was going to be a whoopee cushion (he bought last year and didn’t wear, Jeff did) and Garrett was going to be monkey boy.  Every time they would talk about it I’d give a compliment or we’d talk about how they could use something we already have for the outfit. 
But, it came as no surprise when we went to CVS the other day to buy candy that they wanted to but scream masks.  They were 25% off and they were already pretty cheap because it was just a mask so I got them. 
Tonight, as they were getting ready, Evan and Connor put on their scream masks and Garrett put on a flash costume with a batman cape.  That’s how we went out and they had a great time.  Connor and Evan ran to every house with their buddy Logan.  Garrett followed but he took his time, talking to the people, noticing the costumes, telling the gross ones they looked gross.  He even stopped to ask a man who was smoking, “are you really smoking that thing?”  SO FUNNY!!

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