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since I found facebook I haven’t been on here much.  But then I started realizing that I have stopped writing about the funny things the boys do and I had to come back.  The only problem was I lost my password.
all’s well now and I think I’ll be posting here again.  Even if it’s only for Jeff to see what we’re up to  😉 

Last night Evan had his first playoff basketball game.  They won.  They have a great team.  we wondered at first since there seemed to be two “ball hogs” but they have started to pass and are playing like a team. 
Connor’s playoff game is Thursday night.  If he wins he’ll play Evan on Saturday, or at least that is what they tell me.  Their team is still learning to play like a team but they’ve done great the past two games so as long as they keep passing the ball around they’ll do fine.

Then, baseball starts in a few weeks.

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Last night Garrett was sick.  He vomited on his bed about 11 and it kept going from there.  Luckily he didn’t eat much. 
After he vomited at around 3 am I said, “are you going to school tomorrow”  I just wanted to see what he would say, being 5, and his reply was, “I don’t think that’s a good idea”  AHAHAHA, he’s so cute.

this morning when the boys found out he was staying home they started with “not fair” and “Then I’m staying home too”. 

Gotta love a house with three boys!

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