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boys, ball and time off

Connor had a day off school today.  He got sick early this morning.   His last vomit was around 6 but he still has “peeing out the butt” all day.  Jeff had me call the doctor since he eats peanut butter breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They don’t think it’s salmonella but I’m to call if he gets severe abdominal pain or it continues. 

Garrett had his first t ball practice on wednesday night.  He loved it.  They taught him a crocodile catch, he hit off a tee and all kinds of fun stuff.  His coach is the PE teacher of the primary school and their family also goes to our church.  It’s going to be a great year for him.  If he doesn’t enjoy this year then baseball is not his sport. 

Evan’s first practice was tonight.  It was so  cold out!  We have no idea who his coach is but he seemed nice and very positive tonight.  From the looks of it, there are only three serious people on team, Evan being one of them.  Maybe I don’t mean serious maybe I mean experienced.  There are so many boys who couldn’t throw the ball or stop it when it came to them that even Connor noticed.  I reminded him that it’s the first practice and they’ve all had the season off.  Hopefully they’ll do well.  Evan really likes ball and he doesn’t understand when people fool around instead of paying attention. 

Jeff has had a great run at work.  He’s mentioned that a few deals are closed or in the works of being closed.  I love it when he’s happy.  He doesn’t seem so overworked now.  We’re going out next Saturday on a triple date with friends for dinner and to watch a band I saw a time or two in college but that Jeff saw every time they played. 

That’s about it.  Busy times are ahead…

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