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Garrett (5) likes to sneak junk.  He LOVES sweets.  The only reason he eats healthy food is so he can have dessert. 
So, today when I smelled chocolate on his breath I casually said, “If you eat junk all the time you know what you’re going to look like?”  without waiting for an answer I said, “fat”
His reply, “you already are, kind of, cause you’re bigger.”

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april updates

We are busy.  at home, at school and at work.  with family, with friends and individually.  It’s hard to find time as a family and it’s draining. 

Garrett and Evan are in baseball.  Garrett has his PE teacher who goes to church with us and is in our small group.  He loves it.  Evan was drafted by someone we didn’t know who also picked all the young kids so there is a lot of silliness going on at practice and at the games.  I knew they weren’t very good but I didn’t think that mattered.  I knew it was going to be hard to be on a new team (after being on the same team two years in a row) because it’s hard for me on the stands with all different moms and dads.  Imagine how much harder it is for Evan to be PLAYING with the new kids.  He wouldn’t really mind much except that they are not serious like his last team.  They fool around a lot and the coach gets frustrated.  I just learned this Monday when I drove him to practice and he started crying and got so emotional it would have been useless to make him go.  so instead we went to the church field and I pitched to him for an hour while Garrett played his DS and played on the playground.  We talked about it being a team sport and how if he doesn’t practice he doesn’t get to play and how the team is counting on him and ALL that jazz.  I think he gets it but it’s going to be a tough year for him.  I talked to his old coach (who used to play for the Orioles) and he helped me through it.  He feels sad for Evan too and, after he confirmed my actions and added some other ideas, said, “Tell Evan he can call me anytime he wants or needs to.”  Yeah, I cried, to myself.

Evan is also crying about going to school.  Yesterday it was his ankle and today it was his throat.   last week was his stomach.  He doesnt’ share much.  I’m going to have to lay with him before bed and see if he tells me anything. 

Connor has been getting tutored in Reading because even though he is very fluent he is having trouble with comprehension.  He’s reading too fast and wants to rush through his work so he is not answering the questions that are asked.  He fills in anything to get done with his work and that makes it wrong.  The tutor is helping but he hates going after a long day at school, or in his words, “I don’t know why I have to go here after I’ve been at school EIGHT HOURS already”  I really can’t argue except he’s not doing what they ask him to do all of the eight hours he’s there.   He’s getting better, or so I thought.  Yesterday his teacher called and said she’s sending home paperwork for summer school for his reading and math.  Yes, that surprised me because, first of all, paperwork went home at least a week or so ago and I was just hearing about it now and second of all, I didn’t realize math was a problem area too.  but then I got it and there was a corner cut off.  That tells me someone said no and Connor was next on the list.  we’re not going.  we have vacation planned that day and I taught summer school before and I think I can do the same thing here, if not better, because it’ll be just us.  We just have to be serious about it.  I think this knocked him into reality because I told him the next step was being held back and that wasn’t just talk anymore.  So, I think he’s going to focus at least till the end of the year.  If he gets another dud of a teacher then I don’t know what we are going to do.  It’s ridiculous!  how does he get all the bad teachers?  And, it’s not that they’re bad it’s that they are not the right teachers for him.  I volunteer so much at that school you would think they would pay attention a little more. Yes, that is one reason I volunteer, I’m not going to lie. 

Jeff is doing the job of three people.  He woke up with a migraine today.  He’s always working so hard and he’s so good at what he does.  His best buddy is moving so they have been going out more lately.  I miss him.  By the time he gets home he’s done talking.  But, I know I’ll get him back soon. 

That’s April.  But, I’m moody this week so it’s probably not as bad as it sounds.  🙂

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