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lunch menu

check out the new lunch menu.  cool!!


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may stuff

Evan is my healthiest child.  He watches what he eats, paying attention to the food labels, exercises and is overall healthy.  He does like to watch tv and really gets suckered into all the made for tv items.  But, he’s so thoughtful too.  Anyway, since I have been watching what I ate the past few days I casually asked if he noticed.  He said no and added, “there is this ad on tv where a lady lost 40 pounds.”  I said I didn’t want to take any pills and it would come off if I kept up watching what I ate.  He added, “she didn’t take any pills.  She just had to eat whatever they told her to.”  I couldn’t eat that food either but it was sweet of him to let me know. 

We went to the ball field for fun tonight.  C and E rode their rip stick and I was going to walk but G was interested in going too so we drove.  G could walk but I still get nervous with the boys on their own so we drove so I could keep a better watch.  Anyway, when we came home we all were going to be in the durango.  Connor yelled. “I get up front”  Evan yelled “I get shotgun”.  Garrett yelled “I get rocket launcher”

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field trip

Connor is going to Annapolis with his class in a couple weeks.  There is space for parents to go on the bus OR they can drive separately and meet the class there.  I talked to Connor to see if he wanted me to go and he said yes.  Later in the week he changed his mind.  I had talked to Jeff and he was interested in going too so the conversation went something like this…

C:  You don’t have to go on the field trip with me.
M: Oh, I want to and dad is interested too.
C:  Yeah but I don’t want you guys to go anymore.
M:  well, we are so excited and you did want us to go so we’ll go and pretend we’re with some other kid and not you.
C:  mom, everyone already knows you’re my mom!

so, I guess his parents are going.

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conversation this morning

The boys often watch tv before school.  today, after they ate, they got their clothes and came back to the tv to get dressed.  Evan and Garrett don’t wear underwear because “it’s a waste of time” so when Evan took off his pajama pants to put on his shorts he sat on the couch.  Connor looked over and said in a disgusted voice, “ewww, don’t sit on the couch in your party suit”    His party suit, of course, is his birthday suit. 

and, Garrett has had a fever and a cough.  he stayed home yesterday and last night he woke up with a big fever around 1:30 AM.  after medicine and water and all that jazz we settled in to sleep again.  I usually sleep in their bed when they’re not feeling well.  anyway, around 2ish he whispered, “mom… can I just get up for good?”  “nope, even daddy is still sleeping”  “I’ll just go downstairs quietly”  “no, Garrett, it’s too early!!”  He ended up going back to bed and woke up around 8:30 in the am.  he’s sounding better and should be in school tomorrow.

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