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keys sleepover

Garrett, Evan and I went to watch the Keys play baseball.  When you first walk in someone gave the boys a playbook.  Garrett noticed the back had a place for autographs.  We were a couple minutes late to the game so the players already went down to the field.  We watched the game for a bit then Garrett came up to get his playbook and a pen.  I watched him as he asked the boys around (we sit in the grassy part where boys are all at the fence waiting for a stray ball to come their way) , “Can I have your autograph”  It was so cute and some of the boys really did write their name in the book!
THen we stayed and camped out on the field.  fun but we’re all sleepy.  Bed at 12:30 and bugle call at 6:15

and Connor stayed with Jeff and they watched the dark night.

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taking credit

a simple thank you is all I need for the things I do.  Sometimes, even a smile will suffice. 

I know people mean well but Idon’t want my name on things just to have it in print.  If you put it on, then I’ll feel I have to do something for it.  And, I really don’t want to do one more thing. 
Really!  But, because I love you and you don’t take no for an answer, what choice do I have?  So, that little sliver of space on my plate?  It is now full again.

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life lesson squashed?

Maybe I should have let it be another life lesson for my boy but I think, at five years old, he’s had enough lessons like this.  It’s hard to be the youngest of three boys; especially when your older brothers are only 20 months apart from each other yet they are 4 years older than you. 

so, when Connor and Evan were at fun camp today, I let Garrett pick whatever he wanted to do.  We came home and played world series Wii and then he heard voices outside.  Our neighbor and two boys from the other street were out playing Bran Ball so Garrett went out to join them.  They let him on a team and they were having fun playing till the oldest (A) decided he wanted to quit.  They walked around awhile trying to figure out what to do next and one said “let’s go in your house (C)”  Garrett asked if he could go too and, apparently they said no because Garrett walked away, trying not to cry but the look on his face told the whole story. 
My choices were 1.  let it go and play with garrett like I had planned anyway (even though he didn’t want to) or 2.  get involved.  Well, the mother him in me made that decision.  I called out, “what are you guys doing?”  They didn’t answer.  “are you guys going inside?”  no answer till finally one said “maybe”.  I can’t remember the rest except I heard myself saying something like “oh, so Garrett can’t come in even after all those times we had you in our house?  Ok, no problem.”  And, I meant no problem.  but I was mad and I wanted them to think about their choices.  Those boys came into your house every day when the weather was so hot or rainy after school.  and rarely (I’d like to say never but I think they were a couple times) were they ever invited into the other house.  I’m ok with that though because I would much rather the kids be here.  Really.  But when the group does go in a different house I can’t understand how they can leave my boy, who they were playing with, to go in without inviting him.  Grrr. 
Wondering how it turned out?  They went in the neighbors backyard.  and invited Garrett.  and, although I would like to say he choose not to go, he did.  and was very happy. 
who knows if that was the right thing to do.  But, it’s done.  Oh, and now, totally different neighbors are inside our house with Garrett and the 2 others went home to go swimming.  (C) is inside eating

I’m glad I’m a mom of boys.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.   But, girl or boy, I’m always ready to have children think about their actions.  My boys aren’t perfect and they act on impulse too but they’re getting better about thinking of others first.  It’s a tough thing to do at age 5,8 and 10

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both Garrett and Connor love going over to Nana and PawPaws house.  I think it’s because they can eat whatever they want but they say it’s to play with them and the toys over there.  Today Garrett came home and asked to call over to see if he could go over to play.  As he dialed (Connor told him the phone number because he wanted to go too) then put the phone up to his ear, I heard him sigh heavily.  As I looked over I saw him disappointed.  “It’s busy.   Where could they possibly be?”  Remember, he’s only 5 so when I hear words like possibly, I get a big smile!!

Connor wanted to go to the PTA meeting with me tonight.  He likes to play with the other children who come because their parents make them.  Tonight they got a little too crazy and one of the other parents hollered and made them come in and sit in separate corners reading a book.  I had NO idea that was happening, which is a little embarrassing since I was sitting the next table over.  When we were leaving and Connor was telling me the story I mentioned how he could have gotten up to come to tell me.  He said the lady wouldn’t let him.  I assured him that he can always, no matter what, come find me no matter what any adult says. 
A mom who didn’t have a child there called me and asked if I was upset about what happened.  I thought about it and said, “nope.  when he told me my response to Connor was, I guess you’ll never say I’m the worst mom ever anymore!” 

Evan helped me out today.  Jeff came home feeling blah since we have had so much rain lately.  That effects my man.  So, I pulled out a big piece of poster board and asked Evan if he would draw and color a sun so dad can cheer up.  Once I answered that he could put a face in the middle of the sun he was willing, as long as he could take a break for his new wii baseball addiction.  The sun looks great.

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I had to laugh when I told Garrett something and his answer was, “how sure are you, 100 percent?”  you can tell we’ve been using math in our everyday language.  Jeff just looked up from where he was and smiled.

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