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the pool has brought our boys a lot of courage.

boy #1 has started to do flips off the diving board.  I cringe each time thinking he’ll crack his head open but then remember he’s a boy, he’s jumping in far from the side and he’s proud of himself.  so, I cheer him on!  He also likes to dive and has been practicing different ways to dive in.  and, I can’t forget to mention he likes to pick things up off the bottom of the deep end. 

boy #2 saw the flips and tried it once or twice.  he’s not ready to be a regular at this event so he happily swims around the pool with a ball in hand.  He also likes floating on the big dinasour.  I’m not sure if water is his favorite but he’s also getting more bloody noses so that might have something to do with it.

boy #3 started jumping off the diving board IF he has on his goggles.  He goes under and sometimes even touches the bottom of the pool!  again, I am nervous but if he’s ready he doesn’t have to be my baby in the pool.  He loves the deep water and swims around most the day.

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the other day he was at my mother in laws house and said, “it’s 82 degrees in here”  when she asked how he knew he said, “I know stuff”

He’s been getting birthday money lately and each time he adds up what he has in his head.  This kid is quick!  He just got done kindergarten and he’s better than some second graders I know.  I’m so glad school won’t be a problem for him!

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