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What to say…

It’s so easy to talk when the boys and I are face to face.  But this is the first weekend when all three of them went to their dads apartment where he lives with his new family- the girl 6 years younger than us and her 16 year old boy.  When they called I didn’t know what to say.  I don’t want to ask if they’re having fun.  I didn’t want to ask what they were doing.  I just wanted to hear their voice and know that they were safe.  See, I don’t trust him to watch the boys.  He rarely did when we were together and was usually 5 steps ahead of my youngest when we went on hikes or did things together.  So, when the 3 boys go to his new place, in the middle of Pentagon City, where they walk around more than drive (something my oldest mentioned), I get concerned.  I asked E to watch out for G and I asked G to watch out for E.

I can’t wait till Monday gets here.  Then they’ll be safe and sound at their home!

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