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(your oldest) is looking forward to spending time with you tomorrow.  How nice it must be to be able to have fun with the boys every time you see them and have no responsibility raising them daily.  Please, as you and (your oldest) have fun, help him to understand that, although he is getting older, he is still under 18 and therefore it is still my job to raise him to be a good man.  I am still his parent who deserves respect even when he doesn’t like what we are discussing.  Further, I will no longer accept his quick snips such as, “I’ll just go to dads” or “dad would let me”.

See, A (neighbor) and (middle son) got in a fist fight.  A is accusing (middle son)of having someone hold A down while (middle son) kicked him in the face numerous times.  W and J (also neighbors) told A’s parents that happened too although when I asked they said he didn’t.  (oldest) chooses to believe the three of them over his own brother and over five other witnesses even when A lied about things (oldest) did years ago when (oldest) couldn’t play with them.  It kills me that our family has struggles like this.  It also kills me that, although we are doing better than expected, you seem to think things are fine and the boys are doing so well.  You aren’t there Christmas morning when I had to hear one of the boys say how they miss you.  I’m just glad, now, that I had no clue of your plans and your actions because there is NO way I could live with myself knowing the pain that so many people are going through because of your decision to “be happy” with someone you “just clicked” with.  I still hate that I was clueless (till hindsight showed me otherwise) and trusted you more than I should have but I’m so thankful that I don’t have to live with being any part of the lies and deceit.

I have no respect for you at all.  I have no idea how you can look at yourself in the mirror and have no guilt.  You say you are happy but, honestly, no one cares.  All I know is you lost respect and trust that you had from so many of your family and friends.  Have fun with that.


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