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Our wonderful friends Jeremiah and Melissa woke up early and came to our home at an early hour (was it 5:30 or 6?) to watch our boys, then 4 and 3 years old. Jeff took me to the hospital for our first Cesarean birth. I did not really know what to expect because I have never had surgery in my life so I was a little nervous. We checked in the hospital and everyone was so kind. They really knew what they were doing so when they started giving me choices (do you want the catheter now or when you get in surgery?) I just said “whatever you think is best” and meant it. Those of you who know me know that I am not good with choices so if people responsible are competent, I am all theirs.

We get into surgery and it was an eye opener. It was cold and the cot I was laying on was so skinny I felt like if I moved I would fall off the side (though I am not skinny I’m not obese either so I am sure I was fine) so I tried not to move so much. Jeff was in charge of taking video, the nurse put music on (again asking me what I wanted to listen to. Are you kidding me, I want to hear the doctors favorite CD because if she’s happy as she is cutting me open and taking care of my newborn and my insides then I am happy!) and everyone was in their places. We were all just talking and having a nice time when I felt a little discomfort. I asked if they started cutting and they all snickered saying they were almost done. I had no idea that they pulled some of my insides out onto my stomach but that is what I was feeling. Jeff was taking some video but he was only taking the tops of the doctors heads. He asked if I wanted to see the cutting etc. um, yeah, that is what I was hoping for. I think he said it was hurting his arms holding it up so high. Correct me if I am wrong, wonderful husband.
Anyway, when they pulled Garrett out he was crying and crying. Jeff tried to sooth him but it wasn’t working. This was our only c-section AND the only child with a slight case of colic. I still think somehow the two are related. To this day, he is the only one who wakes up crabby or in need of some alone time before he is ready to start the day (well, Jeff needs his coffee and morning routine, maybe it is like father like son)

Mel and Miah brought the boys to the hospital and Jeff and Miah started taking photos for the website. We had such a beautiful room and the service was like a bed and breakfast. The boys got Popsicles every time they came to visit and we had a snack drawer and a refrigerator full of food and drinks. Since the boys are such picky eaters Jeff still had to pack a picnic lunch for them but I could order room service any time I was hungry and my guests could be with me whenever I wanted. One night, Melissa and Jackie came with a movie and we all, including Garrett, watched how to lose a guy in 10 days. The nurses came in and laughed that the two of them were lounging on the bed and Garrett and I were on the glider. Jeff brought the boys to visit every day, sometimes twice a day. It was such a great time!! The only problem was when they had to leave, Connor was sad. He wanted to stay with his mama. We were afraid that is what Evan wold feel like but he didn’t care in the least.

Now, Garrett still does not wake up ready to start the day. We need to give him a little bit of time before we talk or play with him but once he is ready, look out. He is constantly on the go and ready to do whatever it takes to play with the big guys. He talks non stop and eats like the next meal is not coming. He’ll win you over in the first 5 minutes of meeting him and he is no longer the best 2 year old I know. Today, he is the best 3 year old I know!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARRETT.

Garrett after riding a zip line

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Shannon over at http://www.rocksinmydryer.typepad.com is still posting tips that “work for me”. She has quite a following and there are tons of great ideas so check it out.

Mine is easy this week. Some of you probably do it already but with so many tips written about organization, i thought it might be worth mentioning. We get a ton of junk mail and it seems a lot of it is applications for credit cards. Being the worry wart I am, I moved our shredder upstairs and put it behind the trash can. Now, when any mail with sensitive material comes into the house, it goes straight to the shredder.

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Selfless people amaze me. Bryant L. Davis is one of those people. He joined the Navy to give us our freedom that we know and love. Little did he know his life would be cut short as he was serving on board USS Kitty Hawk. As I researched, I learned Navy Machinist’s Mate Fireman Apprentice Bryant L. Davis, 20, of Chicago Illinois fell overboard from the USS Kitty Hawk on November 7 into the Arabian Sea. Search and rescue efforts continued for more than two days. He was declared deceased on November 10, 2001. As I researched a little further, I read a note from retired shipmate R. Beck MMCM (SW) USN RET. . It states, “I served on the Kitty from 81-91, as a MM. It takes a lot of work and no sleep to keep those old grey beasts going, good on ya Bryant, and you will never be forgotten for the ultimate sacrifice you gave to your country and your family left behind. Fair winds and following seas shipmate “Press on”.”

As I spend today with my family in my comfortable home feeling overwhelmed with emotion for these men and women who serve, I’m thankful for this brave man. Thank you for working hard to allow us to continue life as we know it. I also thank his family and friends for supporting him in his decisions and beliefs.


If you would like to participate in REMEMBERING THEM BY NAME, please contact the ladies at http://www.some-gave-all.com

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We started celebrating early. Our youngest will be three this Friday but Friday we are leaving for the beach so we had to have a party today. Jeff’s parents, his aunt, his brother, his brother’s girlfriend and my sister Ruth and her boys came over to celebrate Garrett’s life. He is the one who will melt your heart and will smile his special smile, especially if you are holding a camera. He is also the one who will hide behind his mamma’s legs when he is not ready to visit with someone. He loves play-dough, magnet-ix, bubbles, light sabers (especially the double ended red one of Darth Maul’s) and swimming pools (if mom is holding him). He is the one who, when he is uncomfortable, will ask for mom’s dee dee (my stomach). It’s his comfort. He likes to lay his head on my belly at night while putting his finger in my belly button (am I giving too much information?). He is the one who will laugh and play when Jeff plays wild games with the boys and he’ll also do his very best to keep up with his older brothers. When asked how old he is, he’ll tell you “this many” and hold up 5 or 6 fingers, depending on the day. He wants to be just like his best friends, Connor and Evan. It’s hard keeping up with a 6 and 7 year old!

Happy third birthday, Garrett. We love you so much!!

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Door to Door

I don’t know if you get many door to door salesmen where you live but because our houses are fairly close together and it is a huge neighborhood we get them all the time. Usually it is teens doing magazine sales but last week it was Kerby vacuums (I did give them an hour to clean two chairs) and this week it was for the Baltimore newspaper.  I try to be nice but I get aggravated when they want to talk to me instead of letting me watch and play with my children.  Today, if I was not going to subscribe myself, I could donate money so someone in Baltimore “who doesn’t live in big fancy homes like yours” could use it.  I nicely said no but did go get the two of them bottled water to go.  It was so hot today.  Connor was so excited to get them water and started using our cups.  I let wonderful son know that if we did that they couldn’t take it with them and they had to go.

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Date Night

Well, we did it.  Jeff’s mom and dad watched the boys (a sleepover!!) so Jeff and I could go out on a date.  At first it was just going to be a time together but then Jeff found out he got the promotion he’s been after so we were celebrating that too.
Wonderful Husband got us a reservation at a nice restaurant down the road.  After we ate (beef tips wrapped in smoked bacon for him and crab cakes for me) we went to Michael’s to get our boys antique photo framed.  That’s a whole story in itself but the end result is a beautiful old time photo of our three blessings.  Then off to Kohl’s for a shopping spree (did you know there were great 4th of July sales this weekend?)  A couple new summer outfits later and we were off to downtown.  We walked around in hopes of finding a great band playing.  The only thing we found was our pre-married bar hangout is no longer of interest to any crowd.  No band, just smoke and lots of empty booths.  We enjoyed ourselves anyway because we knew the only other places available 1.  had a belly dancer 2. had a cover ($10!!) and NO space to move.  We stayed put in our old place then went home to put a dollar in the bucket.
When we were on our way home (I drove) there was a sobriety check point.  Although I only had a rum and coke about 2 hours earlier, all the lights and police cars did have me nervous.  I have never been through one of those.  Turns out they were jsut setting it up and were not stopping people.

The greatest thing was spending time with Jeff and knowing we can have a whole evening together with no problems talking.  A few years ago we went out and found ourselves with lots of silence.  Last night there was the perfect amount of silence and lots of talking and laughing.   I’m thankful to have such a wonderful husband who came from a great family and three terrific boys.  My whole family fills me with joy continuously and I am very thankful!!

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Words Hurt

Mean people make me mad. They just don’t think of others. My middle son is the cutest boy ever. Everyone who meets him falls in love. Not only is he cute, he is also smart, really good at sports and best of all, thinks of other people before himself.

School let out about 3 weeks ago. He just finished Kindergarten. Tonight he started crying as we were tucking the boys in after prayers. When I asked him what was wrong he said his “face looks stupid”. Now, he is still working on some speech sounds so I sometimes have to repeat what he says to make sure I heard correctly. When I repeated it he said, sure enough, that was what he said. Can you imagine what I was thinking?! We got to talk about how he resembles Jeff and me. We also got to talk about how God made him – every inch of him including his face. We also got to talk about how he was the cutest kindergarten boy I have ever met. Then we talked about the other boy and reasons why he might have said that. I think all this helped. I can’t help but wonder what else is in his thoughts that he has not shared yet because, like I said, school let out 3 weeks ago and I have no idea when this happened. It isn’t like we never talk. If you all have any suggestions on how to pull thoughts out of my boys (all of them… except my husband, he has learned how to do it. Maybe in 12 years the boys will learn too) feel free to let me know.

If only I knew how to post a photo. You’d see how handsome and full of love Evan is and you’d want to slap this boy too. Here you go, Jeff figured it out!


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