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Time to spare?

check out her February 22, 2007 post for some addicting time wasters. You will be sorry. Mel, you didn’t list you top scores!

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laundry and a threat

so, as the boys settled into dreamland I had four laundry baskets of clean clothes to fold.  Jeff and I turned on the tv to watch the office so I could be amused as I folded.  Before anything though, I asked Jeff if he wanted to help.  His answer, “truthfully to what?”  All I said was, “Well, you decide.  Just remember, I have a blog.”  He still said no, as I knew he would.  I never expect him to do laundry or things like that.  But I do expect him to clear all the gook from the sink drains and the other plumbing stuff.

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there is always more.

so yesterday, I learned I left the toaster oven on ALL night. Yeah, dinner was messed up due to the fact of a tiger scout go see it but, what would I tell the fire, “Hey, I didn’t mean to leave that on. It’s not my fault no one ate the dinner I planned. Leave my home!” Nope, doesn’t matter why it was on, I almost burned down the house.
And that wonderful husband of mine… he kindly let me know. No yelling or screaming, just words. Because I couldn’t go back and change it but I can do things differently the next time. Thanks husband!!
Ask me if he would have been so calm 12 years ago and I would have to smile.

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stay at home mom

sometimes being a stay at home mom is tough.  Not necessarily the children but because what you do is not always noticed.  My husband is a wonderful man, in case any of you are new to reading this.  He is thoughtful, mildly observant, kind and he loves the boys and I with all his heart.  I think that is why days like today are do-able although not fun.

When you become a stay at home mom, you need to realize that, even though you…

wrap three volcanoes with the boys
Spraypaint and add sand to said volcanoes with said three boys
Get lunches made adn the boys to school on time
Shovel and de ice some of the in laws driveway
and the huge ice path called a walkway to their door for when they come home Friday
go shopping to get great deals on ground meat since we are cutting the food budget big time
Clean the house to look like it did when we got home from Pittsburgh
Confirm with the DJ
confirm with the caterer, both of whom are very chatty.
Play with Garrett
work really hard not to eat anything I shouldn’t

the only thing that is noticed is the terrible smell of the house from the spray painted volcano.

I know it was stinky, Jeff.  I totally agree with you for going to your parents fresh smelling house.  I’m sorry I didn’t think things through and then forgot about it because we were gone all morning doing important things.  I love you very much!!  Hope you don’t mind my transparency (maybe you are ribbing off on me) but moms need to know this.  Think about the ones who don’t have a wonderful man like you around.

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coming along, this 40th party

so, it’s all coming together.   in the past month we have done the following

~  Found a wedding photo of the in laws
~  designed the invites and rsvps, ordered, paid and are awaiting shipment
~  confirmed the dj (the one we had for our wedding who was so great!
~  Rooted through all the drawers in the in laws house for photos for the photo wall
~  Bought tulle for the favors.  we plan on ordering wild flower seeds to put 2 T in each circle of tulle.
~  Found a caterer (whom I have to call with details but it still counts)
~  Bought all the centerpieces (except the vases and flower buds)
~  Given up buying white Christmas lights (unless Rachel wants to rent hers out cheap) and white tulle for the ceiling
~  Trusted the brother in law with supplying the photographer

now all we have to do is
~  address and mail the invites
~  Details with the caterer
~  Figure out the flower part of the centerpieces
~  Mirrors for the centerpieces
~  Get Emily to provide a basket for the memory cards, and bathroom baskets
~  Make the photo wall
~  Order and put together the guest favors
~  Buy the wine and beer
~  Buy the glasses, napkins, tablecloths, sodas, waters, cakes, bathroom flowers, ice, and bathroom basket stuff
~  Details with the DJ
~  Write up for the newspaper

then, all we have to do is PARTY!!

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it’s good to be home

the boys and I went to Pittsburgh this weekend just to get away and see the folks.  It was nice.  We just visited and played.  next time we may do a museum in the city but this time, the big things were sorry and checkers.
Jeff had fun with the boys.  He was reminded that it is more fun to be a responsible husband and father than anything else.  We are so happy to have him in our lives!

When I was up at mom and dad’s they told me that my one nephew just got caught shoplifting.   They only told me because they thought I would be able to talk to him.  You know, someone with experience on that side of the law.  I don’t really know what to say to him but I did email him and he would like to meet for lunch and let me share.  I told him I wasn’t going to lecture but that I could relate.  We went out a month or so ago for lunch and I tried to let him know he’s not the first one to test the waters but I didn’t go into detail even when he joked, “I’ve got time”.. to listen that is.   I guess one of my problems is that my family does not really know exactly what all I have experienced and I am not sure if I want them to.  When I mentioned it to Jeff he jokingly said, “all you have to do is deny it and say, ‘who are you going to believe?  He shoplifts!'”  At least that got me laughing.  I think if I do talk candidly with him he’ll respect the fact that I am opening up and respect my privacy.  Either way, I figure if my stupidity growing up can help him make better decisions I better share.  He’s already smoking cigarettes (which, for the record I never did) but Jeff and I are pretty sure he is drinking and possibly more.  We’ll see soon.

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spring cleaning.

i’m not sure if it is the many inches of ice on the yard, driveway and streets or if it is because I am tired of clutter and dust around our home or if it is because Jeff is having friends over when the boys and I are in Pittsburgh this weekend but spring cleaning is happening in this home.
Once the boys wake up and I can sweep the floor, one room, the tv room, in our house will be completely done!   you should have seen the black on the dust rag!  Yuck!
Happy spring to you all.

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