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we are now the proud owners of three toads.  well, actually two because when Garrett had his out for fresh air the very first day he lost track of his.  So, we still have three but one is outside having fun in the real world.  I’m sure it can survive because we got them from my sisters house.  I have learned two things.  Toads eat so fast you don’t even see their tongues move.  and toad poops are huge!

I went on a field trip with Connor to the Washington zoo.  we had a great time till I wouldn’t buy him anything.  then I was the worst and he pouted for awhile.  Lesson learned there, stop buying love gifts because they are expected.

I went on a fieldtrip with Evan to the Catoctin Mountains and a park.  No stores.  We had fun playing and learning about animals.  We learned vultures will vomit on you if you bother them and come close to them.  It didn’t happen but that’s what the sign said.

Jeff and I haven’t really spent a lot of time together because we have been too busy.  Luckily we bond in the passing as our eyes meet and we smile at each other, knowing we’ll see each other soon.

this sunday we are starting summer Sunday school at church called under the pavilion.  If you are from MCC it is just like under the big top.  Hopefully it will be just as big of a success.

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can’t forget

We went to see the second Narnia movie.  Connor had on his elastic pants, like normal, because they are comfy.  as we were walking out to the car I noticed that his boxers were showing.  I almost told him but then realized he’s trying to be like the bigger boys and wear his pants lower on his waist.  Now, we aren’t going to let him show off his behind, with or without boxers on but I don’t see the problem with getting a bit bigger jeans so he can feel like he’s wearing them the way he wants.  Elastic pants just don’t look right even though I got the biggest laugh!!  He’s so fun!!

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hmm, is it that obvious?

you know all those surveys that go around about getting to know someone better?  My group of ladies sends them out periodically and I often fill them out.  After all, telling someone what I ate last and when my birthday is really isn’t a big deal.  But this time, there was question 16.  it would be nothing to most people but to me I had to think of what to write for it.    And, then, when I was done and pressed send, I got an email in return about it.  Here it is, I’ll really need to work on my trust issue.  I didn’t know people gave up on me. the question is in black, my answer in blue and my friends reply in red.

16. Do you make friends easily? no, I don’t open up much. True, I stopped trying to be your “girlfriend” a couple months ago.  But you still are a very good friend! : ) Thanks for all you’ve done for me this past year. I usually become friends with Jeff’s friends wives because he tells all. J

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bank robbers

DeeDee’s post reminded me of a funny shopping trip.  Before ball started Evan needed new cleats.  We tried every cleat on in sports authority and nothing felt right.  the next day Garrett and I took Evan over the mountain to Dick’s sporting Goods where, again, we tried on EVERY cleat in stock and then some.

Both boys had on flip flops.  they had to use those little panty hose socks to try on the cleats.  I told them how bank robbers would wear them on their heads when they robbed a bank.  The next instant, both boys grabbed a fresh sock and proceeded to put one  on their head.  the worker in the shoes department pretended not to smile as we continued to find the perfect baseball shoe.

so funny.  but no camera

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if I were to get married again, it would still be with Jeff, but I would elope and then go on a beautiful honeymoon. Maybe a cruise but definitely somewhere where the water is blue and we could see the bottom.

The latest with the current wedding stuff is manicures and pedicures. It sounds fun but when 5 people are getting it done and three people are doing it it’d take 5 hours. can you imagine me sitting around for 5 hours. I had trouble sitting 1.25 for lowlights (yep, some of my gray is hidden with reddish lowlights).
So, I told the girls I probably won’t be doing it with them and offered some advice on time (because I’m old like that) so we’ll see what the end result will be. I’m hoping I won’t be going to the church with MIL getting the sanctuary ready. I’ve heard what she wants to do and I’d rather be as far away as possible. But, then I think of who will be there to help and I don’t want them lifting or climbing ladders so I may go anyway. Maybe Connor will loan me his I Pod.

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after having a cinnamon roll, Garrett comes over to me with a  game boy.  “Take the game out”
me, saying the sound for “P”
G: “Please”
me: “wash your hands first.  it’s sticky from your cinnamon roll”
G: sticking his tongue out walks to the bathroom
Me: “Do you want your game boy?”
G: explaining “Yes, I just wanted to give my tongue air.”

Riding down the hill on the way to school we usually see deer.  We haven’t seen any in quite some time.
Me: “I haven’t seen the deer in awhile.”
G: “Maybe Mr. Steve shot them all”

Connor has been doing a great job this morning.  We let him know how much we love him but his attitude to me and others must stop.  Anyone reading this who has or knows of a boy who follows the wrong crowd just to be cool is free to comment on things you have done or seen that opens their eyes.  We’ve tried quite a bit and are about at our wits end.  We may home school next year so C can find out who HE really is before we throw him to the wolves again.  I’m also thinking of counseling for all of us and he wants to do sylvan learning center.  His idea has nothing to do with our problem but he doesn’t like doing work so we very well may jump on that opportunity anyway.  I’m off to search the closest center.

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