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Our two boys prayed for Jesus to enter their hearts tonight.  we couldn’t be happier.

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deep talks

Jeff and I have had some great conversation lately.  The deep stuff that you tell your true feelings.  He’s been so busy with work and school lately and I have had non stop fund raisers with school we have not had any time with each other and it’s been eating at us.  Two days ago I woke to an email of him expressing his thoughts (I had made a comment the night before so it started then).  I loved an explanation.  we talked, in person, some and it was all good but i never shared what I thought on things.  So, since he was working and had a meeting and I had bookfair, I did what any normal person would do, I emailed him a reply.  Yes, seriously.  And I think he liked it.  Tonight we were talking, in person again because not everything is via the computer, and he mentioned the email and then said, “I wrote you a reply”  Now, I was thinking this is getting too much, we need to make time for each other but then he said he was kidding.
Ahh, to get everything out is wonderful.  and you know the best part?  I got a date with him.  sure it’s to go see his buddy do improv and it was only going to be the guys but I’m  invited too.  Thanks, husband.  and, I’ll email you!

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10-20-30 virus

Hey, want to catch a virus? This originated with Mary DeMuth over at Relevantblog. I caught it at Mel’s.

Quick, where were you ten, twenty, thirty years ago? (If you’re younger than thirty, clearly you can only tell us about ten and twenty years ago.)

10 years ago, 1997. I was married just shy of 3 years. We were living in a beautiful townhouse overlooking the aquaquan river (well, if you twisted your neck and looked way down to the left). we got it as a foreclosure and just loved it. we had a dog, Carly, or my firstborn as Jeff affectionately called her. I was teaching kindergarten in Manassas while Jeff worked for Mattel toys. We were becoming reacquainted with Jesus and had great friends from church who were slowly teaching us to trust the Lord with major decisions, read:children. My husband and I were growing closer to each other and I was loving life.
20 years ago, 1987. I was a junior in high school in Pennsylvania. My dad got a transfer to Maryland but I put up such a fuss that they let me stay the rest of the year at our neighbors house. I was only concerned with myself and I don’t even think I ever thanked them for letting me stay with them. It was a strange situation. The mom must have worked, I can’t even remember. But I do know I tried to stay out as much as possible. I had a boyfriend, my first Jeff, where I spent most of my time. I did sleep at the neighbors. They didn’t have a lot of space for an extra person as they had three children themselves but the middle girl, one grade older than me, let me share her room. I think we even shared a bed. it’s hard to remember. I do remember I was an ingrate and I’m very ashamed of that.
It’s been 2 years since I was caught shop lifting and lost my two best friends, Jodi and Mary. I was drinking regularly and experimented with drugs sometime. I NEVER smoked though.
Dad and mom insisted I transfer to MD my senior year. It was the best thing that happened to me. Although I still drank with friends all the other craziness stopped and I took my first look at the future.

30 years, 1977. I was 7 years old. My sister, Ruth, was my best friend. We played barbies and little people all the time. our neighbors (the ones above) played with us too. I walked to the elementary school because it was just down the hill. My mom worked as the lunch helper and I loved it when she did inside recess. My mom and I spent a lot of time together. I don’t remember my oldest two sisters. although they were older, I probably was selfish at this time of my life too. But not as much as my teen years.

* * *

If you want to play along with Mary’s “virus,” describe on your blog what you were doing 10-20-30 years ago. Link back to Mary’s blog (http://relevantblog.blogspot.com) and mine, too (https://momto3boys.wordpress.com). Let’s see how far we can spread this thing! (You can also play along by merely leaving a comment below.)

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would you want to be…

Remember when everyone was buying Anne Geddies pictures?  The cute little babies in adorable surroundings?  Well my sister got me one for Christmas that year of a swaddled baby laying in hay.  I also got one for our guest room.  It has a baby surrounded by daisies.  In this house, I have them both side by side in the bathroom.  The other day when Garrett was doing his business he started talking about the pictures.  He pointed to the first one and said, “I’m glad that wasn’t me.  I wouldn’t like to be that baby because it would be so itchy.”  then he pointed to the other one, “I wouldn’t want to be him either because the bees could sting him.”

Side note:  When a bee gets around Evan or Garrett, they both stand perfectly still.  Garrett adds a high pitch scream.  they won’t move till the bee flies away.  When a bee gets near me and I swat at it to hurry it along, Evan looks at me like I’m the bravest woman that ever walked the planet.

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getting closer

Connor is getting the gist of what being Christlike is all about.   He has made many changes in his life and it is impressive.  Just the other night he left his good friends house because they were playing witches and devils.  He said he didn’t want to play that game, it wasn’t right.  I like how he’s thinking about things before doing them.  That wasn’t the first time, nor the last, and for that, I am thankful!

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Candy night

we never really thought Halloween was a huge deal like the other children.  My boys, especially Connor, dressed up nearly every day.  As soon as he woke up (or if it was school, as soon as he walked through the door) he would put on his costume of the day.  Most days it was batman but there were some superman days too.  suddenly, he stopped wearing costumes.  We later found out someone at school called him a “superhero lover”.  devastated, Jeff and I watched him stay dressed in his regular clothes as his hero costumes stayed in the dress up bin.
Till one day, we got some Darth Vader costumes.  Little did I know he wasn’t a super hero therefore, he was fine to wear.  For a month or so Connor pretended to be Darth.  It wasn’t the same but we did get a little more fun out of the costumes.  Evan and Garrett were not as into dress up.  If Connor dressed up in costume, they would too but if he didn’t they didn’t mind.  They were total followers when it came to that area.
Anyway, one year later, Halloween has become more than Candy Night (our term for Halloween for the first 5 years of our boys life.”  We went to the costume store the other day and the boys picked out their costumes.  Connor picked a yucky zombie creature, Garrett still wants to be Darth Vader and Evan is going to be a whoopee cushion.  He’s going to carry around his fart machine (like Cindy Lawson has).  They can’t wait.

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non stop talker

Garrett will talk and talk when we are alone at home.  He tells me everything I want to know and more.  When he wants my attention he won’t only call me but he’ll call me a few times, “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy”  till I look and sometimes even after I’m looking.
Yesterday Jeff was working at home for awhile.  The two older boys were at school.  Garrett and I were upstairs playing and having fun doing our typical stuff.  Then I started thinking, Jeff has probably heard more words out of Garrett in the few short hours downstairs working than he has Garrett’s whole life.  I don’t know why but Garrett doesn’t like talking to people much.  Sure, if he gets in his moods he’ll talk but if a stranger talks to him he just bows his head and whispers to me, “you tell them” or “you do it”

Yeah, working at home is cool.  I still like when Jeff does it.

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