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Now what?!

So I thought I’d be spending time writing about my reunion (I wore jeans, black boots with little heels so my legs looked longer and a purpleish black top) and how crazy it is to be at the Hard Rock with people you haven’t seen in 21 years with an open bar but instead I have to vent about a teacher.  A substitute teacher to be specific.  My husband and I have never been more upset about a situation at school and one of our sons had a terrible teacher in first grade.  Boy, do I wish I did something about that too.  But, since I can’t change the past I’m ready to change the future.  My boy is no longer going to school alone when he has the said teacher.  We have a meeting on Friday with the principal, counselor, substitute teacher and anyone else who wants to join us.  I just copied the assistant principal our emails because she should know what is happening too.  Anyway, this is the letter I received tonight…

Mrs. (my name)
Today, (your son) got on Red and I had to issue him his second (paper they send home when children have a bad day) this year. I have also had another request from another parent that their child be removed from the seat next to
(your son) due to his behavior in class. I have spoken to you before of his constant talking and goofing off in class, and it is still an issue. I have also talked to (counselor of our school) about (your son) having targeted two students in my classroom to bully. He is disrupting the education of the other students in my classroom as well as his own and I am very concerned. I have spoken to (last years teacher) on the matter, and I think it would be best to have (your son) sit by himself until we can turn his behavior around. I have tried everything I can think of: I have moved his clip up and written him Cougar Cards to enforce positive behavior, I have moved his desk several times this year, and I have moved his clip down and given him two (paper they send home when children have a bad day). As of yet, none of these things seem to be effective where (your son) is concerned. If you have any suggestions on what might serve (your son) better or what works at home, please let me know. I will also mention this to (the counselor) to see if she has any ideas and I will continue to be in contact with (last years teacher). (your son) is an exemplary student when he is on the right track — we just need to get him there and keep him there :0) Thanks!

It was quite a surprise, especially since (your son) didn’t tell me anything about this, including his being on red.  But, that was beside the point.  I talked to him about it and this is my reply…

Ms (long term sub who is getting married in a a month and moving to a different country so I doubt you even have time to do the job you are getting paid for.  oh, yes, I forgot they only pay you till 3:40, I wouldn’t have known that if you didn’t tell me in another email you sent me last week),
I appreciate your email, though it surprises me.  As you know, I have had some concerns about various things in the classroom too but none of them had to do with the below information.
(your son) talked to me about getting on red today.  He says he was talking to (another student) and because he put his paper in the wrong place.  This didn’t surprise me because he and a friend came home the other day saying papers without names were thrown in the trash.  All the above, in my opinion, doesn’t fit into a fourth grade classroom.
(your son) is a very chatty boy and that is a challenge in a classroom setting but he has NEVER been a bully to anyone.  He has a big heart and would never do anything to hurt anyone.  Being called a bully is a very serious accusation that my husband and I take offence (crap, I spelled this wrong!) to.  It goes against everything we are raising him to be.  I talked to (your son) about this email and he has no idea who you may be talking about.  Many tears have been shed in this house since the beginning of the school year and we are not thrilled.
I wouldn’t mind him sitting by himself if that is what needs to be done but I am more concerned with his academics.  He is not an exemplary student, things come hard for him and without constant checking and review time, he struggles.  That was the reason for my last email questioning no homework last week, which came from another student in the class, not a parent.
I would be very interested in discussing switching teachers for
(your son) .  My husband and I are requesting a conference with you, (the principal)and (the counselor, since you brought all these people into it when you copied them on the email you sent me.  little did you know, they already knew I had a problem with you) this week.  If possible, Friday afternoon is best for my husband.

Then, when I was out getting Jock itch cream for my boy, (your son) came out telling Jeff that a couple weeks ago she told the class not to get near him on the playground at recess.  so when he went out after lunch and tried to play kick ball they told him to go somewhere else.  So Jeff sent this one…

Ms long term sub,

(your son) just informed me that you instructed the class not to be near him one day at recess.  He said the kids would not play kickball with him because you instructed them not to be near him.  He was physically and emotionally upset when sharing this with me.

At this point, I am not requesting but demanding a meeting this Friday afternoon.  I will not have my son bullied by a teacher.  I am sure this will be resolved immediately.

( signed, the best dad in the world)

Now, we all know that 9 1/2 year old boys can be dishonest and I am nobody’s fool.  I do know we may be eating some of our words.  That’s the price you pay when you email someone when you are livid.  But, we trust him (and Him) enough to do that.  she didn’t say he lied, she said he was a bully.  I would have agreed, somewhat, on the lying part.
So, should I take (your son) to the meeting with us?
and you understand, everything in ( ) is added for the post.

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never ending shopping

i have been shopping for myself more these past couple days than I have been in all the years we were married.  My 20th reunion is coming up this weekend and I have no idea what to wear.  So, I bought a bunch of stuff that I thought looked alright and will get Jeff to tell me which ones are keepers.
So, two of the girls are wearing jeans that night and two are wearing dresses.  I can’t decide what to wear.  I don’t mind dresses but they’re talking about staying at the hard rock for the two hour open bar then going to various bars downtown.  I may split up for part of the night but either way, I don’t know what people wear out clubbing.  I’ll probably end up like Jeff when he went in his pink polo shirt in high school, haha.
But, there are a couple days left to figure this out.  as long as my card still has money on it, I’ll be fine.

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september 11th

I’ve not forgotten but I did realize my boys, ages 9,8 and 5) might not know anything about it.  Sure we talk about the war (my nephew was in Iraq for some time) but we never talk about how it started.  So yesterday we spent some time looking through photos on the computer.  Their eyes were opened but it was important they know about it.  My 5 year old didn’t participate.  The photos still make me sad and I didn’t think he’d be ready.

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time and money

i don’t know exactly how it happened but we are going through both like crazy. the two older boys are on the fall ball team and that takes a lot of nights. They love it but there is a lot of running around.

We bought new furniture for the living room and kitchen. I may already have mentioned it but since it isn’t here till October I’ll keep saying it.

and, a new durango and golf clubs and started Christmas shopping and, well, you get the picture.

anyway, I’m not sure what to do about the time. Now that all the school year beginnings (back to school night, meet the teacher, all that stuff) are done, I’m hoping things will slow down. There is a to do list in this house. One of the top before summer is to get Connor looked at by huntington learning center. He’s not up to grade level but I’m trying to work on organization and words with him so hopefully he won’t be so far behind. We’ll see but it’s sad to see how one son has to work so hard (but is unwilling to) and another who would study but he doesn’t have to. Poor guys.

and my new job is to try different budgeting techniques because it isn’t working here lately. My current one is printed off the peardown.com web site.

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Nana had the boys the other day and Evan gave her a chuckle.  They were in Nana’s blazer for some reason and Nana was leaning over Evan buckling Garrett’s seatbelt.
Evan said, “nana, why is the inside of your hair brown?”
Nana said, “Nana lightens her hair”
Evan answered, ” Grandma makes hers brown”

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I have a friend who has had her bunk beds on craigs list for about a month.  Nothing.   So, I figured since we were getting new furniture in October that I better put ours on now.
I have had requests for everything.  They want the stuff now.  NOW.  we won’t have anything for another month.
Well, not entirely true, I think our kitchen is in already but the living room, you know, where you sit, won’t be in for a month.
What did I do and what should I do??

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jeff’s request

It’s so rainy today.  the boys have had their moments but overall they have had a great day.  One of the things that kept them busy for an hour or so is zoo.  they pulled all their beenie babies and webkinz and, actuallly, any stuffed animal they could find downstairs to Connor’s room.  They put them all in categories, frogs here, sea creatures on the floor, birds on the bed… you get the idea.  When they exhausted that play they went a step further.  They wrote an I Spy for us to locate different things.  The first I spy that connor wrote was normal, you know, 5 snakes, a pitbull, etc.  Jeff and I took our time and located everything on that list before we moved on to Evans list.  His was a bunch of frogs, bananas the monkey, and 2 dead people.  When we got to his list, we noticed Garrett and Evan flopped to the floor, one under the bed and the other under blankets.  Well, we eventually found them.  About a million more turns later… when we got to the dead people we couldn’t find Evan for awhile.  Then we turn towards the closet and see a tounge sticking out on the small opening.  FUNNY!!
So, if you  need something to do for a couple hours, feel free to take this idea.  They loved it.

Once everything was cleaned up, they went out to play in the rain.  It isn’t lightening and they asked so why not?!

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