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lots of laughs

we went out with the flamingos on Tuesday.  Last night I was talking with my boys, since it was the first time they attended a flamingo bash, and asked what they thought of it.  All three boys had so much fun and then we had a conversation…
E, “Who’s the master?”
Me: “the master?”
E. “yeah, the flamingo master.”
Me, “What would the flamingo master do?”
E “tell us all where to go and what to do.”
Me, “Well, I guess that would be Mrs. Norwood.  She made the schedule and makes sure we are all having fun.”
So, Georgine, some may call you Ho but others call you The Master.

then today playing legos and watching star wars with the neighbor boys,
G, “If I won 50 thousand dollars I would buy the star wars ship.”
E, “Garrett, you would be getting a lot of change!”
After I giggled, I laughed because usually, Evan would laugh at him.  This time, he was just matter of fact.  Cool.

Rest assured, there will be more.  Summer fun has just started.
There is also some sadness, like when a neighbor invites another to the pool and the other neighbors aren’t invited.  It’s hard but luckily, I get to remind them we went swimming yesterday and did not invite any of the neighbors.  My children, especially Connor, want to be in on ALL the action.

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School’s out

and we are having a wonderful time.
MONDAY: we spent the day at a local swimming pool with Evan’s friend and his family. When we got there we found other friends we knew from school. I’m amazed that I knew some people but then again I thank God that I am able to stay home with the boys and volunteer in the classroom to meet all the classmates. Thanks to you Jeff for being such a great provider and believing, like me, that I should be at home instead of in the workforce.
TUESDAY: I took the boys and my niece and nephew to the Flamingo Gathering at the tire park and creek. This park is made up entirely of tires and tree trunks. even the mulch is not mulch but shredded tires. Very cool. They loved it. Then we went to the creek down the way and cooled off looking for crawfish and minnows. Much fun. We did leave when my sister called to let us know that my parents last meeting with the builders was over. We rushed home, wet from the creek, to meet them. As we were shutting the van doors they pulled into the driveway. They thought we were here for hours. Funny.
WEDNESDAY: we spent the day at my in laws neighbors pool. She was working so it was jsut us. Nana was worried that the boys would drown but we all stayed safe and had a great time. The water was an unbelievable 88 degrees.
THURSDAY: no plans. We will probably putz around the house and hopefully the neighbors will be home. And, hopefully the neighbors won’t put up their huge water slide because it only causes headaches. Too many safety rules and whining about waiting in line and why does everyone have to be here on our slide comments. I try not to be an ingrate but after typing that, I guess I am. If it happens tomorrow, I now know to do better and to have a better attitude.

Jeff’s school is done too. He’s done with all of his classes for his MBA and now only has his thesis. If I can brag for him, he did it all while working a full time job, playing with the boys at every opportunity and including me so I didn’t feel left out of anything. He’s the man. all the while keeping a 4.0 grade point average, thankyouverymuch. Way to go, husband!! To anyone, the thesis is done in December (I think) so anyone who’ll be in town December or January, let us know. we’ll plan the graduation party around you. Maybe.

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happy father’s day


I know it’s early but it’s entirely possible I will forget sunday.   I was going to email this to you but knowing you don’t like email, I thought there was a better chance you’d see it here…

Have I told you how much I love you??
I love that you think of us before any decision is made.
I love that you know what you want and you voice it as you’re getting it. 
I love that it takes you moments to decide things
I love that you play with the boys every chance you get.
I love that they know you love them
I love that you make up crazy little games with them and play them over and over again.
I love that you plan a romantic date with me once every month.
I love that we look to the future and get excited at the things we are going to do together.
I love that you provide for us so willingly.
I love that you are committed to God, your family and work.
You have managed to become more wonderful than our first date. 
I remember thinking how amazing you were. 
I think you are way more amazing now. 
I’d marry you all over again and change very little of our life together. 
Thanks for being my man. 
My one and only.
Happy early father’s day. 

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I was thinking, “how thoughtful”

My son Connor often thinks of others first.  He likes to spend all his money as soon as he gets it but he doesn’t buy only for himself, he buys enough for each brother too so they can play together.  When he got his teeth pulled, he gave everyone in the family a tooth to put under their pillow.  So, when  I went to pick up the boys 15 minutes early yesterday I shouldn’t have been surprised at what I saw. The only background you need to know is, there are two girls in Connor’s class who have been bugging him all year.  He tries not to sit by them and he gets so annoyed with them.  Now, check this out…

Connor’s teacher had them all playing 7 up.  it’s a game where 7 of the students stand up front and everyone else hides their eyes and sticks up their thumb.  when the teacher says go, the 7 walk around the class and put someones thumb down.  When it is over and the students are up front again, everyone opens their eyes and all have a turn to guess who did it.
I came in right at the end.   Connor was up front and the children were ready to start guessing.  The teacher saw me and called Connor over.  He didn’t get to finish the game (this teacher seems to prefer not to have anyone in the classroom) as he was leaving, he said, “Heidi”  He said her name because that was who’s thumb he put down.  She was so excited.  I was proud of him because she is one of the girls he gets so aggravated with.  When I mentioned it he said, “yeah, she never gets picked.  no one really likes her because she tells on people all the time even when things don’t make her sad (that is the only time you can tattle, when things make you sad)”  You know I am praising him, “great job thinking about others feelings, that’s a good friend, blah blah blah” then he adds, “plus, if you pick people you don’t like, the hardly ever guess you.”

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night time talk

I still get my oldest up to go to the bathroom before I go to bed.  I think he’d be fine on his own but this is just preventative.  He doesn’t remember it in the morning so it is not like I’m lowering his self esteem or anything.
Two nights ago I went in to get him.  when he came back to bed I went to tuck him in and said,
“do you need another blanket?”
C, sleepily said, ” what?”
“Are you cold?  Do you need anything?”
C, his eyes opening up as wide as could be, said in an excited voice, “Yeah, food!”
“Goodnight son, see you at breakfast in the morning.”

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