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It’s been so long because I lost my password and was too lazy to figure out how to get a new one.  Dear husband did it tonight when the kids were getting ready for bed.
A lot has happened in a month.  Here is some of the fun and not so fun.  It’ll be in reverse order since that is how my brain works.  Actually, if we’re doing this list how my brain works then it’ll be all over the place.  You may have to figure it out.

*  Those photos I got taken of the boys are about to expire so I have to get off my butt and figure out which ones I want and what sizes.  I think I’m going to use frames like these and put them on the wall upstairs in our living room.  We’ll probably have to get a new couch and love seat because of it but that’s fine (I kind of like this set up).  I think the ones we have now were because Jeff thought I liked them and I thought he liked them and we didn’t communicate with each other.  No biggie though because they were free from my wonderful in laws and they matched the room in our first house which is why we got them for in the first place.  anyhow, I better move on lest you won’t get any other information about our lives and wouldn’t that be a disappointment.

*  This past Friday the boys and I went to Baltimore for a sleep over with my sister and her boys.  It is a tradition that we sleep over and visit the Aquarium.  Usually we get two rooms but this time we were feeling rather cheap and got one room.  for.seven.of.us.  We did priceline and saved a bundle.  Check in was super smooth.  We parked in garages since the room wasn’t ready till 3 and went to the aquarium.  then we walked back to Ruth’s car and she and one son went to check in.  The rest of us walked to the hotel and sat outside waiting for them to open the side door.  I had to call and remind her of the plan because they went straight up to the room forgetting to get us.  We all walked up to the room and I went to get our van for valet parking.  Once that was done and we played in the room some (my boys can only jump in beds at hotels.  It’s our rule and we’ve stuck to it for 9 years!)  we went on the duck tour.  It was fun but a little boring for the younger ones.  So we went to dinner and came back for baths and bed.  It was about 8.  around 9 the boys were playing pillow dodge ball on the beds.  next thing I know my nephew (not the one who got 4 broken toes the last time we were together) fell backwards over the bed.  I tried to talk in a calm voice because my sister gets a bit crazy when something like that happens but when I saw the blood I followed her directions and called 911.  They sent an ambulance to the hotel to check him out.  (Don’t forget, they think THREE people are in our room still) so Ruth took him and her other son downstairs to the side entrance.  The boys and I got dressed out of our pj’s and went to check in.  As we were walking out, a boy who was staying at the hotel was coming in and said as he passed us, “I wouldn’t go out there.  Some boy sliced his head opened!”  It was all I could do not to laugh!  The emt had cleaned it and told us we should go to the hospital for some stitches.  He said we could take the ambulance for $450, our car or a taxi.  Because we didn’t know where it was, I voted for the taxi.  One stopped quickly and for $10 squeezed all 7 of us into his cab for 4 blocks.  I got his name when we got out because I knew it was unusual for that to happen.

is this getting too long?  I don’t want to forget anything!

So we all go in to check my nephew in.  The boys all go into the bathroom and we are immediately called to the back room.  I was highly impressed with the speed of the staff.  Little did I know it was just the beginning.  We had to sit in the second waiting room for awhile.  It got busy so the nurse asked if my boys and I would go out to the first waiting room.  I’m stubborn so I just went down the hall where I could see my sister and waited there for her to be called.  once they did we ALL (yes, all 7) went into the room where my nephew sat on the bed and we all squeezed in chairs trying to leave a walkway so we wouldn’t be kicked out again.  I do think I heard one nurse ask us if we all had to be there but we pretended we didn’t hear her and just kept talking to her and each other.  I think she realized we were not moving so she let us be.
Finally the doctor came in and we got excited but he was just letting us know he wasn’t ready for us yet.  Nice.  Awhile later he came in and took his time with my nephew.  He laughed and joked with the rest of the boys.  He only stopped checking out the patient when my other nephew said, “I lick my underarms sometimes.”  Doctor stopped, put down his instrument and said, “wait, did you say you lick your underarms.  How do you do that?!”  So he is shown how it is done.  GROSS!!  It got laughs.  I wonder now what other patients were thinking because the whole time we were talking and laughing.  Turns out he needed 4 staples.  We got in about 9 or 9:30 and got out at 1 or 1:30.  so much for being impressed with speed.  But I was impressed with the time and energy the doctor took with us.  I’ve never seen someone with that kind of bedside manner.  I’d go back, but not soon.  we left and our taxi driver was off work.  we tried another one but he was scared that he’d be pulled over so he said no and left us.  Another one pulled over and took us because he was worried for the children.  We gave him a huge tip because he came to our rescue.  Ruth said he was thankful.  Not as thankful as us, I am sure.  When we got to the hotel our room key wouldn’t open the door.  we had to call for the worker on duty and then all SEVEN of us came in to go to sleep in our 3 person room.  All he said was, “you’re out late aren’t you?”  Remember, there were two adults, a 9 year old, 8 year old, two 6 year olds and a 5 year old.  and it was 1:45 AM.  ahahahahaha!!

The next day Ruth went home right away but we went back to the inner harbor.  Might as well.

*  We got a new patio out back.  It’s beautiful.  Jeff did a great job working with Thad to figure out looks and colors.  Jeff went to Home Depot to get four more chairs outback and when he was putting the second one together he stood up and popped his meniscus in his knee.  He had surgery on Friday.  We went to Baltimore on Saturday but he said as long as I got him 4 movies from Blockbuster he didn’t have a problem with it.  What a guy!!  He’s still hobbling around but it seems much better already.  Now the trouble is sleeping.  He isn’t getting a lot because of the rolling around.

I’m getting tired.  Now that I have a password I’ll write more later.  We have a few camps, Bethany vacation and I need to finish the knee story.  It is summer.  very busy!!

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