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~my nephew is back from Iraq.   we’ll get to see him soon.  he’ll be home for a month.

~said nephew is getting an award or something in Kansas so my mom bought my sister and brother in law plane tickets out there.  they are also staying at their house to keep watch over my other nephew and niece their cats

~my other sister and her family are on a cruise.  just for fun.  it was a Christmas gift.

~my other sister still has a few weeks left of dealing with my nephew who broke his toes on the big slide.

~Jeff took our boys to the big slide while I went to Emily’s bridal shower and he said Garrett is afraid to go down now.

~Connor got his hair cut like drake bell from tv and now he shakes his hair.  that action makes it look like he has tics.

~I hope I remember to take my parent’s garbage out tomorrow  night so the raw chicken in their can doesn’t start to stink

~Jeff’s taking me out to dinner for my birthday tomorrow night.  We’re meeting at the restaurant.  It’s one day early but on my birthDAY Garrett has a field trip that I get to go on and Evan has a game.  I see no better way to spend a birthday and that’s the truth.

~Connor wants to quit cub scouts because Noah from school told him its dumb.

~My boys started saying bull crap because they thought it was funny when the 13 year old next door said it.  I shiver each time I hear it because it’s so gross.  That will stop!

~I’m considering home schooling next year.  Jeff and I are praying about it.  Can’t start too early in prayer.  I’m not sure if it will be just Connor or Connor and Evan but I’d like Garrett to go to kindergarten and have Mrs. Hamscher.

~sometimes boys can bicker and act just as silly as girls.

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becoming worldly

My oldest is in the third grade.  He has become more worldly this year.  we have sheltered him to a certain degree and I will never be sorry for that.  My husband and I feel that children should be children and not be concerned with things too heavy for them.
I have written some things about the new vocabulary he has learned and how his behavior has changed.  It’s tough.  Because of this, I mentioned to Jeff he may have to take Connor on a weekend away earlier than we had planned.  Since they were little, we always planned that Jeff would take each boy away for the weekend to teach him about the birds and the bees.  We also planned a week long vacation with just dad and each boy at a later time.
So, when i  was putting Connor to bed a couple weeks ago, I talked to him about it.  we started brainstorming places to go for the weekend.  We thought of some fun places.  Then, when I explained that it would only be a trip with dad , he changed his mind, “If I can’t go with everyone, I don’t want to go.”
Um, what?  This coming from the boy who says I am the worst mom ever?  He won’t go on vacation without his brothers and me?  Interesting.
And i thought girls were hard.  I do believe that boys are going to be just as difficult!!

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don’t know

my son and I are growing apart and I don’t know what to do.

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april fools day

some jokes are funny
Garrett called my mother in law and said, “Nana, I’m in the hospital.  want to talk to mommy?”

and other jokes are not funny
Jeff said to our child who hates school, “I heard school was canceled today.”

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why do children have to grow up so quickly?  Last month my oldest learned some new words and today I learned that my friends son has learned the same thing but different words.  He’s in second grade.  so is my middle son.  That is way too young!

why do my teeth hurt?  I don’t mean ONE tooth.  i mean every tooth.  I’ve started rinsing with flouride and will wait till my dentist appointment this month.  or is it next month?  Either way it’s soon enough.

why does it take my children 4-5 days to catch up on sleep when they stay up till 10 PM but other children can do it in a day?

why can’t I stop the headaches I’m getting when I’m pretty sure they have everything to do with the shower I’m doing the food for on Saturday?  or is it the cub scout awards I need done next week?  or the Sunday school summer program that I thought would be 8 weeks but it turns out it’s 12 weeks and we have NO volunteers yet because it hasn’t been announced yet?  or maybe it is because I haven’t talked to the teacher about the two boys on the kickball field who are being jerks to my son and his buddies because they are better then the two boys.

why doesn’t this rash just leave my body?  I am used to the one that comes in the summer when it is so hot but this one covers way too much of my skin and I can’t hide it with clothes if it’s summertime!  Plus sweating makes it worse.

I’m sure there is more but I’m off to take some advil.

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