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It seems it isn’t as easy to find time to write stuff here so I’ll just go through my brain and list a couple things that are rolling around in there.  That way, you all (like anyone but Melissa and Jeff read this) will be caught up a little…

My mom and dad moved in their new house a mile away and now, instead of talking every day it is now down to every other.  Worse yet, tonight is the first time I’ve been at their house since Thanksgiving but before that it was weeks.  things must change.

Because our 20th high school reunion is in 2008 they notified me of this site called ning or something that gets everyone in one place to plan the reunion and reminisce of the old days.   trouble is, since I moved my senior year and I hung out with one person in my grade (lori) and the rest were older I don’t remember many of the people.  Of course I remember people from class but I’m still only going if Lori goes.

Our dog is wonderful to our immediate family but he is not so nice to the men that walk through the door.  No, don’t get any ideas, I mean Jeff’s friend and both of our fathers.  Duke growls, shows his teeth and is mean.

I went on a field trip with connor to the Baltimore aquarium.  we had a blast but it just reminded me that we should be going there more.  We have a yearly pass and parking is only $15 and gas is $12.  that is a reasonable family date every other month.

Garrett’s field trip is tomorrow to Fountain Rock.  I’m not sure what that will be about.  Evan is all bent out of shape though because everyone is going somewhere and he’s “stuck at school doing boring stuff”

I’m thankful to be a stay at home mom.  I hope my friend, if she wants, will be able to do it too.  I remember when we were first pregnant there was no way I could stop working because Jeff’s paycheck didn’t even cover the mortgage much less pay for food, gas, electric etc.  Fortunately, I married a provider who loves his family.  we packed our house, sold it and moved to NH for a job promotion.  Connor, our firstborn was a month old!!  by the time he was 2 he had his own frequent flyer card.

our family has been content in plenty and in want.  We figure it’s in the bible and we found a way to make it work.  I do think being in want is good so you know where every but of money that comes in the house goes but in plenty the bonus is you can splurge for the stuffed animal your child begs you for at the aquarium.

that’s it for now.

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I was looking at your blog when Garrett walked in. the only thing you see is atticus at Halloween. This is our conversation. Remember, Garrett just turned 4 in July…

Me: Do you think you’d be friends with that boy if we lived closer.
Garrett: eww
Garrett: that boy has green hair. I don’t think so.

It seems like we are doing a great job at teaching our guys to look deeper than outside appearance

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For Miah

The boys are taking over your “job”.  They love playing video games with Jeff.  Tonight they were playing Halo (I know, but what can I do?) and I heard Jeff say, “Evan, you beat me by 3!”
I turned and mouthed, “really?”
He said, “no, I’m too good.  they’ll never beat me.”
My reply?   “ok, thumbs.”

you know this will be taken off as soon as someone sees it so hopefully Melissa will see and relay.  It was very funny and brought back fun memories.

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The Newest Member of Our Family

We recently made a trip to the local animal shelter to find a new dog for our family. We happily found Duke! Welcome to our family, Duke, you’re the best.


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cell phones

i like having one.  it’s convenient, I never feel lost because I can always call for help and, well, it’s just nice to have.  on my terms.  now, if you are calling me on the cell phone I treat it jsut as our house phone.  If I don’t feel like talking to anyone or if I’m in the middle of something then I let it ring.
Jeff didn’t like that.  He got me the cell so he can call me whenever he’s free and wants something.  I still did it on my own terms.  Poor Jeff had to leave a message just like the rest of them.  Till he had a brainstorm.  He changed the ringer so when he calls it rings a special ring.  You know the music they play when a king is about to walk into a room?  That is what plays when Jeff calls me.  It is so funny when he calls and I am at the grocery store or anywhere quiet.  People turn and look and I smile.  Sometimes, when no one is listening, I answer, “hello Master” or “Hi King”.  It just comes out with the music.
The boys know the ring too.  whenever they hear it they say, “Daddy is calling!!”
So funny!!

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